Monday, October 27, 2008

Baby Ash

The newest addition to our family is our baby, Ashlee. Well, she is not so new anymore, she will be 12 weeks old this Thursday, but that is still pretty new. She was born August 7 in New York and lived there for a whole 3 weeks before moving to Rock Springs. We just love her. Caitlin is a great big sister and she likes to "help" mom with all of her care, but she is usually pretty gentle. We can't decide who Ashlee really looks like, I guess she is just a good blend. So far she doesn't really have any hair, but what she does have is brown with no signs of blond like Caitlin. Her are some pictures of our beautiful girl.

Those pictures are taking by our amazing and talented friend, Minna. Check out her website

As you can see, Ashlee is quickly catching up to Caitlin in size. Caitlin was a teeny, tiny baby and Ashlee is tall like her mom and more filled out then Caitlin was. I am obviously avoiding saying "fat" because she really isn't fat, just big.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Lil' Blue

We have been a one car family for a number of years now, and have enjoyed that. But we are now in the land of no public transportation, which would be fine if you didn't add in snow, freezing winters and lots of wind to the mix. Thus we needed to invest in a second car. Chris was getting great excercise riding his bike to work. Then a few weeks ago we knew there was snow coming and we needed to act quick so he wouldn't have to ride through the snow. We not only got a new car but our very first brand new car!

This is it. A Chevy Aveo. Nice and compact, but still 4 doors. A great car for Chris' 3 mile commute to work. Nothing to fancy, but fun and we like it.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Starting New

We started a blog! This is a time of new things in our lives. New town, new house, new job, new baby, new car, new acquaintances, new role for me as full time stay at home mom and Chris as full time worker, new blog basically it seems like nearly every aspect of our lives is new right now. With the new comes excitement, opportunity, anticipation and time to reflect and reminisce. Also the newness brings its fair amount of challenges, but I like to think that we have more excitement and joy then anything else. We love our new found space in our house, backyard, front yard, driveway and garage. Only someone who has lived in New York can truly appreciate this space, as our yard is teeny and it only takes Chris about 5 minutes to mow the lawn. But we love it!