Friday, July 31, 2009

and july ends

July has truly just flown by. Now we find ourselves on the very last day of the month, and looking forward to August and maybe a slower paced month, hopefully.

I was at girls camp last week and Chris and the girls had a great time at home without me. Camp was fun and very busy. As the "camp nurse" I had plenty to do this year between dehydration, throwing up, diabetic girls, cuts, headaches, stomach aches, splinters, head gashes, and fainting. The camp was a lot of fun though.

This week we enjoyed a visit from my parents. We did some playing at home and had a picnic at the park and went to see the dinosaurs at WWCC.

So long July.....

Thursday, July 16, 2009

crazy july

July had been so busy!


(Ashlee loves it, and it is great that Caitlin is so willing to do down with her)
(and Caitlin has even braved the big twirly slides by herself now, completely fearless- but only when it comes to slides)

Chris is 28!
(he was such a good sport in having his birthday celebrated over many days)

10 year class reunion
(it was really a great time)

And we just enjoyed a visit from my sister, Annie, (recently back from Africa) for a week. We just took her back to the airport this afternoon. Thanks for coming, Annie! We had a great time with you!
(it was really fun even though I don't have any pictures to prove it)
These are just a few of our many adventures this month so far. I wish I could say that I would be staying home for a while now, but it is off to girls camp for church on Monday for 5 days. Maybe then I can have some at home time..........we shall see.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

3 (on July 9th)

Caitlin is 3!
She had a great birthday on July 9th. Her Grandma and Grandpa Will threw her a party. It had a Curious George theme. She loved opening presents and cards and playing with her new toys. Thank you all for the gifts, she was one lucky girl.

She choose a brown cake with brown frosting and sprinkles and bows (but she actually picked out the flowers instead).

We love you Caitlin. It seems like just yesterday you were being born in the theater in Scotland. You bring joy and laughter to our life's everyday. Happy Birthday!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Happy belated 4th!
Here were some of our activites on the 4th in Loveland....

Ashlee was sick so she went to bed, so I missed the fireworks. But Caitlin saw them with Grandma and Grandpa and loved them.
"They said 'boom, boom, boom', and the moon was watching too" per Caitlin.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Ash updates

Ashlee is really changing now. She understands so much and is totally aware of everything going on around her. She loves to be involved and to imitate. She and Caitlin are getting to be great playmates. They think they are so funny and just laugh and laugh.

Here is Ashlee doing her version of tiny turtle bubbles. She likes to pop hers the whole way through and not just at the end.

And she has really mastered crawling now. We think it is just great because Caitlin never crawled, but just scooted (well sort of). I am going to have to invest in stair guards very soon.