Thursday, June 30, 2011

3 Amigos

These 3 have been together alot this week.
I worked 2 nights back to back and was asleep alot.

They did fun things like went on walks, bike rides, the circus, "Old McDonald", and who knows what else.
Caitlin and Ashlee love hanging out with Dad.

It's so fun when Annie comes

We were lucky to have Annie come back from AZ with us and stay a few days.

We were packed into the car pretty tight.
Rotating who sat in the back with the girls kept us all sane.

The girls love when visitors come because that is about the only time we have a tea party.

The girls want to play with Annie every second, and she happily obliged.
She was kneeling in jungle grass, that she actually mowed for us later that day.
So nice, it was really long.

We can't wait until she comes back for a little bit longer in August!!

(Notice the Rapunzel hair and frying pan?)

Sunny St. George

On the way back from AZ we stopped in St. George to see "The Little Mermaid" at Tuacahn.
With a bit of time to kill before the show we went to see the St. George Temple.
It is a beautiful temple.

Did I mention that Annie came with us?
We love when we get to hang out with her!

Our time at the temple was cut short by what else?, Ashlee having an accident.
I am ready for her to grow out of the accidents.

The show was really fun.
It is all outdoors, so the show didn't even start until almost 9pm.
It was a late night for the girls, but they seemed to have fun.
Caitlin said, "I loved it."
And in the next few days Ashlee insisted that we call her Eric on many occasions.

It was a great way to end a great trip.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Summer Fun

Sunday, June 26, 2011

practicing meteorology

Yesterday it looked like rain.
We were planning on going on a walk and I said we needed to hurry before we got rained on.
Caitlin informed us that is would not rain.
She was right, the clouds cleared out.

Today it was hot when we got out of church.
It was beautiful really- clear blue sky, no wind....
Caitlin said, "we need some wind in our town."
(do you know where we live? wind is something we certainly DO NOT need)
I think she just meant a nice cool breeze, but
she got her wish this afternoon.
The wind picked right up and we are having some pretty strong gusts.
I could do without the wind- ever.

The rest of our trip to Arizona

all packed together in 1 post.

It was very hot, and dry (they haven't had rain since Feb. I think), but it was nice to be outside until late morning and in the evening.
We would usually get up early (6-7am AZ time) and enjoy being outside for a while.
One morning we went to a park and teeter-tottered,

and Caitlin learned how to jump a big jump rope.
Then we went to a better park and shelled pecans while the girls played.

The girls LOVE to "mud" their feet with Grandma Berta.

We did a few crafty things. The girls carefully painted this frame for Chris for Father's Day.

This old wooden train was a fan favorite.

The girls loved to play in the backyard on this swing, or the hammock, or help my mom pick vegetables, or see lizards or toads.

One day they swam in this big tub in the backyard.
It was fun until the water got to much grass in it and Caitlin got grass in her swimsuit and couldn't stand all the itching.

This little towns people village was something we loved to play with when we were little.

Caitlin dressed herself up like Fancy Nancy.
Then she would walk around talking like her.

My mom sent them on several errands to a friends house across the street.
They thought it was the best thing.
Our street is a little to busy for them to do anything like that.

The community pool was great and we went a couple of times.

There were tea parties everyday. The girls got really good at talking in tea party accents. It is very humorous.

Caitlin tried hard to always have her pinkie up.

This girls LOVES tomatoes. They were ripe in my parent's garden, and she ate and ate and ate and ate and ate them. She especially loved the "Misto Stwipey's"

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Now in Arizona

Monday was a LONG driving day, made even longer by a wildfire that closed a section of I-25 and forced us around on highways. Luckily we have 2 little girls who really travel quite well so the trip wasn't so bad.

Tuesday we enjoyed the "coolness" of the outside from 6am-10ish and then found things to do inside until the sun started setting about 7pm.
The girls ironed with toy blocks.
Their ironing mostly consisted of spraying the clothes with ALOT of water so they all needed to go back in the dryer.
And, of course, there was a tea party.

After dinner we went on a walk and the girls carried around umbrellas.
It was very humorous watching Ashlee try to manage in the wind that had started blowing.

Before bed enjoying books with Grandma Berta (who made them their cute nightgowns).

(the picture is deceiving, Caitlin has not taken to sucking her thumb again.)

The rest of Colorado

Saturday was busy with preparations for a party the next day and playing at multiple parks.

And the girls got an early joint birthday present. A dollhouse Grandpa made!
They love it, but sadly it will have to stay in CO for awhile because it is to big for our car.

Sunday afternoon was a big pre-birthday party for Grammy (Chris' Grandma Will).
She will turn 90 right before Christmas, but that is a busy time to have a party and summer is a great time.

It was a great party, but we were all wiped out by the end of the day.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Our first trip of the summer

The nice thing about Chris being off in the summer, and me only working 2 shifts every 4 weeks, is we have so much freedom to travel as we please. And that is just what we do.

We started off this trip in Colorado with Chris' family.
We got to hang out with Uncle Nate, Aunt Amy, and Gavin for a day and a night. We went to the zoo, and the park, and played at their house. The girls loved every second.

At the Denver Zoo!

How is it you go to the zoo, and the kids would rather play in the sand than look at the animals?
It was a nice break for them.

Caitlin loves to be able to "take care" of Gavin since she is 4- almost 5.

this pic really needs no words.

Caitlin is a social butterfly. I'm sure she was saying. "I'm Caitlin, what's your name?"

Ashlee loved carrying around the zoo map.
She called it her "mat" and would consult it every few seconds.

Cute Will cousins. Their daddy's have a picture on this same hippo when they were little boys.

Little pioneer children.

Waiting for the train ride. This was definitely the highlight of the day.

Did you know a fox can jump 15ft? We didn't either but we learned it from this sign.
Chris could jump the farthest- to the polar bear.

Later in the day......
On your mark, get set............


The kids were totally worn out by the end of the day.
Summer days like that are the BEST!