Thursday, July 31, 2014

The rest from the Baptism visitors

We didn't really take many pictures while everyone was here for Caitlin's baptism, but we have a few random ones.
Molly cooking with Annie! She is SURE that Annie is her Mom as well.

Caitlin got new scriptures and a new scripture bag for her baptism.

Grandma Berta brought a whole box full of necklaces and all the grand girls got to pick three or four.
 But, Molly liked to try them all on. I don't even know how she could stand up, because it got really heavy.

Caitlin loves her little cousin, Lily!

The girls LOVE going on rides on Grandpa's scooter!

We have been working on potty training Molly. Fun Fun.

The girls learned some new songs from Grandma Berta.

After the baptism was all over, and everyone else had gone home, G&G Bishop stayed a few more days to watch the girls part of Tuesday and Wednesday so Chris and I could go on a date to SLC.
We went to the temple, the Cheesecake Factory, and then to Wicked! We saw it 10 years ago in New York with the original cast. It is still great 10 years later.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Caitlin's Baptism

Today was Caitlin's baptism.
They started Stake baptisms here at the start of the summer, so she was one of six getting baptized.
She got to pick someone to give a talk on baptism, so she picked Grandma Berta. It was a great talk about oxen being yoked together and us being yoked to Heavenly Father and Jesus through the covenants made at baptism.
Chris baptized Caitlin, and she wore the same dress I wore when I was baptized (and Annie and Katie).

We were so thankful to be able to have some family join Caitlin for her special day.
G&G Will came from Colorado and were here Friday through Sunday.
G&G Bishop came from Arizona and were here Saturday through Wednesday.
Annie came from Arizona and was here late Thursday night through Monday.
And Dave, Julie, Bailey, Maddie and Lily were in Utah visiting family, so they made the drive over for the day.
We had so much fun with everyone for the time they were each here!

We are very proud of Caitlin for making the choice to be baptized and for the great lady she is!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

South Dakota- Part 4

Sunday morning we went to church in Rapid City and then over to a friends house for lunch. Jared and Chris were best friends in college, but we haven't seen him and his family in years. They live in Rapid, so we took advantage of our trip out there to see them! When we last saw each other Caitlin was 2 and Ashlee was a brand new baby, and Jessica and Jared had only 1. Now we have 3 kids and they have 4, all the kids had so much fun playing together.

They have the BEST yard, with a little creek running behind it. The kids loved swinging on the rope over the water.
 All the Eben and Will kids.

Later that afternoon the girls sewed dolls with Grandma.

Monday we headed home, but decided to detour to see Devil's Tower on the way. The several hour detour was well worth it because Devil's Tower is so incredible to see.

We took the walk around the tower. It was a little over a mile and fun to see it from all sides, plus it was a beautiful walk.

It was a GREAT vacation to South Dakota!
Once we got home we decided we were vacationed out! For the rest of the summer we don't want to travel farther then Utah!

Monday, July 21, 2014

South Dakota- Part 3

Saturday morning we went and swam in Sylvan Lake. The water was freezing, and it was pretty windy, but the girls -and Chris- didn't seem to mind.

Their goal was to swim out to the big rock. Chris had to help Ashlee a bit, but they did it!
Molly was happy to just watch (thankfully). 

You can just see their little heads in front of the big rock.

We were lucky to get several full family pictures during this trip!

They were FREEZING once they got out of the water and had to lay in the sun to try to warm up a little.

Ashlee really loves playing in water, and this was no exception. It was great to see her have so much fun in the ocean and lake and pools this summer.

Building sand castles.

At the end we had lunch and hoped our plates wouldn't blow away! 

That evening we went to Fort Hayes to a chuckwagon dinner and country band show.
They had some activities for the kids to do while we were waiting for dinner to start. 

The chuckwagon dinner was really good and fun. And the band afterwards was great. They were very talented. One of the older gentleman in the band took a picture with the girls after the show.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

South Dakota- Part 2

Friday we went to Jewel Cave. I went to SD the summer before 4th grade, and Jewel Cave is the thing I remember the most. I loved it back then, and it was still really cool. 
We had to wait for our tour, so Molly and I took a short hike. And, it was monumentus, because she walked the whole way without whinning!
We found a lot of pink flowers, and she loved that! She LOVED anything pink.
She loved smelling the flowers to.

Caitlin and Ashlee worked with the Ranger while we were waiting, to earn their junior ranger badges.

You have to be able to fit through this tiny hole to go on some of the tours. Luckily, ours was a walking tour.
Molly and Caitlin were the only ones who tried, and they could fit through with no problem.

We tried to take Molly in the cave, but that lasted less then 5 minutes. She was crying and shouting, and so Trish was a saint and took her back to the surface while the rest of us enjoyed the tour. Caitlin and Ashlee really liked everything about the cave!

Our rental house had bunny in the backyard that Molly adopted as hers. She talked to it, and hugged it, and kissed it everytime we went outside.

Friday afternoon we went driving to see some buffalo. But it was pouring rain and the buffalo were miles away, so they looked like tiny dots on the hillside. But the drive was beautiful, and we saw many deer and a wild turkey with all her babies.

That night we walked down the street for some icecream. They are such good sisters!

This is on one of our long drives. Ashlee was just worn out.