Thursday, May 23, 2013

First to Last

Ashlee finished preschool today.
She had a great year and learned so much.

1st day of school!
Last day of school!
 On to Kindergarten!!!!


The weather has finally gotten warm, and we have enjoyed every second of it! 
Mostly we have gotten our yard in summer mode, but the girls have played alot.
This girl LOVES to go outside. This day her pants fell down.....
 .....but she was determined to go outside anyway. Once she was out the door she stepped out of them and just went without.

We had some sprinkler issues to fix, and our grass has been having lots of trouble in the front corner, so we decided to just pull it up and make a planter or sorts instead.
Chris did all the manual work....
...while Ashlee and I watched.  I had hurt my neck the day before and couldn't even move very much.
The end product.  But, sadly, I don't know if all of the plants will make it.
The wind today was not nice to them.

Molly discovered she could climb up the slide. So fun!!

Cutest picture.

Molly's 1 year old Pictures

My friend took some cute pictures of Molly just after she turned 1.
Thanks Jessica!!!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Silly Game

If someone is sitting on the couch with a blanket over them, or if Molly is standing beside our bed she will often play this silly little game. 
She lifts the blanket up and hides her head underneath it.
Then pulls it out and laughs.
She does it over and over and over.
She also likes to stick her head in between the rungs of chairs, or through the back of the chair, basically anywhere it will fit. Today she tried to wiggle her head into the front porch of the girls little doll house and we had to quickly stop her. It was NOT going to fit there.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

dyed hair

I dyed my hair last week. 
This is a total shocker because I love my dark brown hair, and I have NEVER dyed it before.
But, I was getting more and more gray hair all the time, and was fed up with it.
So I got it dyed about 1 shade lighter then my normal color and had some highlights added.
It is definitely taking me some time to get use to it, but I do like it.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Being a Big Girl

Molly has discovered purses, and phones and necklaces.
She loves to put a purse, or a necklace, on and push the stroller around and around the house.
She also loves to hold play phones up to the right side of her face and pretend to talk.
They pick up these things so quickly!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Grandma Will Memorial Service

We spent this past weekend in Colorado for Grandma Will's (Grammy) funeral.
She past away in March, but was cremated so they just had the funeral. (which was very fun explaining to Caitlin and Ashlee who are adamant that they DO NOT WANT TO BE BURNED when they die. Good to know).
Friday night Chris and I got to see his friend and former classmate, Hannah, perform in Legally Blond in Fort Collins.  It was great to see her perform again, she did great!!

The rest of the time we hung out mostly at the house with family.
We all played a little game of soccer, except for Molly who was a spectator and cheerleader.

The funeral was Saturday afternoon at the Good Samaritan Village in Loveland where Grammy had been living when she passed away. The service was very nice, and perfect length for the girls.

After the service we had chocolate cake or cherry pie (Grammy's favorites) and hung around to chat for a while. 
Ashlee fell asleep, but Caitlin and Gavin had a ton of fun walking over and over and over the heating vents so that Caitlin's dress would be blown out from the air.

That evening we spent several hours back at Chris' parents house going through and dividing some of Grammy's things.
Molly loved carrying around this big teapot. She liked the lid to be on upside down. It anyone fixed it, she would set the teapot down and put the lid back upside down.

Grammy never had her ears pierced, so she had a bunch of clip-on earrings.  Caitlin and Ashlee each picked a few pairs to keep for dress-ups as well as a necklace.  Gavin also picked a necklace and earrings and wore his the rest of the day too. Dress-ups are fun for everyone!!!

It was a nice weekend and we are glad we could have a special time to remember Grammy and what a great women she was.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Cinco De Mayo

For FHE yesterday I made these individual pinatas for each of us since cinco de Mayo was on Sunday. 
I got the idea from Family Fun magazine, but made it my own way and should have made a better plan for the pull string. But it was still fun! The candies inside were our treat.
Even Molly had one filled with cereal that she could eat! She was already in bed Monday night, so she got hers on Tuesday. She was very cute with is and very possessive of it. She held it most of the morning and would cry if the cereal spilled out or if anyone took it away from her.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

This Sunday

Before church today I came downstairs and Caitlin was nicely reading the Friend to Ashlee.
I love to see that, especially since there had been plenty of fighting prior to this moment.

Then a rare picture of me with the older girls.

And we haven't had a picture of our whole family for ages, so we set the timer and hoped for the best.
The flash didn't go off in this picture, but a little editing at least allowed us to be seen. And then I could see that is was just a silly picture!

Luckily we had tried one other one and we were all actually looking, even Molly. A pretty big feat for a timer picture.

Saturday, May 4, 2013


Caitlin had a piece of art selected for the art show at the Community Center, so we went to see it on Wednesday. There were only about 5 pieces selected from each class, so it was exciting.
She did a great job on the picture, we are so proud of her!!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Ashlee's computer time

Ashlee loves to play PBS kids or Disney Junior on the computer. She would be happy to play everyday, but I usually only let her once a week for about an hour.
She is great at navigating the games.  Kids know so much about computers.  Luckily we have safety features in place so she really can't get into anything she shouldn't.