Tuesday, March 31, 2015

To Finish off March

Random pictures of some other things that happened in March.
Molly painting with water, best kind of painting in my book.

While Annie was here we put together a new nightstand for Molly (and a new dresser for Caitlin and Ashlee's room). Molly was SO excited about it.

Lovely's before church.

We had some March rain, which is perfect for the Christmas umbrellas.

An Easter craft.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Girls Weekend

Last weekend a bunch of us drove to Utah to have a bachelorette party for April before she gets married next month. We had such a fun time going out to dinner, riding around in a limo, and then staying up talking most of the night. And, I was soooo grateful for Taffy for watching my girls overnight. They thought ranch life was so much fun!

Jen, April, Hilary, me, Natalie, Jessica, and Kara. I am so excited for April, and can't wait for her wedding!!

Then, after I got home Saturday afternoon I had to get ready for the Red Tie Gala that night.
It is a fundraiser to help raise money to help locals who are receiving cancer care, and Medical Oncology had a table (did I ever mention that I work at the cancer center administering chemotherapy?)
The girls had a babysitter and I went with my good friend, Ashley, since Chris is in Idaho.
We had fun and ate great food!
Me with a couple of my co-workers, Kayla and Alisa.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Westridge Talent Show

Caitlin participated in the Westridge talent show this evening and did awesome.
She started playing the piano in September and is doing great.
We are so proud of her for choosing to share her talent!

Westridge Talent Show from Beth Will on Vimeo.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Nice Weather in March this Year

March doesn't always have nice weather, but this march has!
We took advantage and spent some time out in it! 
And worked on some spring cleaning while we were at it!

And a random picture of Caitlin on mis-match/crazy hair day.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Chris visits in March

Spring Break at University of Idaho was last week, so Chris got to fly home for another full week! We were so excited.
We picked him up from the airport bright and early in the morning, after running some errands in Utah we headed home and got some Wendy's for the road. The girls got these huge smiles in their kids meals.

Family selfie once we got home.

Molly was so glad to have her Daddy home, although I'm not sure if she was more happy to see him or his i-pad!

Molly's birthday happened while Chris was home, who-hoo! The day after her birthday (yesterday) Trish and Doug drove through with family friend Dave and Monica on their way home from Lake Tahoe. We had a birthday breakfast for Molly and she got to open more presents. Pretty good deal.

Now will we survive the remaining 8 weeks until Chris gets to come home for good. He won't be able to come home again until after graduation.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Art at the Art Museum

Caitlin and Ashlee both had a piece of art on display at the local art museum. We went yesterday to see it. They both work so hard at school, and we are proud of them.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Molly's Birthday!!

Someone turned 3 years old today!!!!
Molly ALWAYS makes her "3" this way!

We aren't use to having a birthday on a school day, so we got up early and got ready for school quickly so we could open presents before the older girls went to school. 
She loved he pink boots Cait and Ash gave her.
And her "high heals" she got from Mom and Dad! They even tap of the wood floor!
One of her favorite things to do is help out in the kitchen, so this was a perfect gift from G&G Bishop.
She also got a new tricycle and we headed outside to try it out.

We always try to take some pictures of the birthday girl on her birthday. It was sunny out, but a little chilly, so we did our best.

She wanted white cupcakes with pink frosting and pink candles. So that's what I made.
Well, turns out none of the girls ended up liking the frosting, so we ended up throwing most of them away, but they sure looked pretty.
We love, Love, LOVE this Molly girl of ours.
She is so sweet and full of life and love.
She gives the best tight hugs.
She loves to do group hugs before bed
She can be super stubborn, and will try anything to get what she wants.
She loves to play with barbies.
She loves to play with her baby, Jojo.
She loves to play dress-up.
She LOVES her sisters.
She loves to watch Disney Junior and Daniel Tiger
She loves "my movie" (sleeping beauty)
She loves her bunnies class at the college and nursery class at church.
She is hard to understand, but we speak "Molly" so we are golden.
She loves to help cook.
She still has naturally curly hair at the ends.
We love you, Molly! You bring so much joy and laughter to our family!!

Molly's Birthday from Beth Will on Vimeo.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

other March

While I do my exercise in the morning, Molly plays nicely with her baby. Today they were both going to bed.

Molly and Ashlee are both playing on their phones. (well, Ashlee is playing on Annie's)

Caitlin loves doing art projects.

Molly loves her sisters and loves playing with them. Monday and Wednesday, Caitlin goes to school early to go to choir and Molly really enjoys that time she gets to spend with Ashlee.

Love these girls of mine!!!

We went to the dance show at the college yesterday. It was so fun!