Sunday, November 29, 2009

Colorado trip

We spent time with the Will family in Colorado over Thanksgiving and had a great time. Here were some of the things we were thankful for....

  • spending time with a brother and his family
  • a cute cousin who doesn't mind extra attention from two little girls
  • a very fun local children's museum
  • warm weather
  • a throw-up bowl
  • driving golf balls
  • terrific food for Thanksgiving (despite disastrous rolls)
  • long naps
  • fun with grandparents
  • football games (live and on TV)
  • a Cowboy win! (that would be the Wyoming Cowboys)
  • a grandma willing to babysit all the little grand kids
  • ooooooo-ing at lights
  • family pictures
  • shopping
  • church is church no matter where we are

Our time was well spent and we were in good company the whole time. We have so much to be grateful for in our lives, the list far exceeds our adventures in Colorado.

The children's museum in Lafayette. It had a lot of really fun things. The highlight was the dance floor/dress-up area. They even had dance shoes, so Caitlin put on tap shoes and went to town. Chris was happy to show her a few tap steps.

Light figures at one of the parks in Loveland.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

hitting the road

Have a great Thanksgiving!

We are off to Colorado for the holiday.

Monday, November 23, 2009

laying around

Ashlee has really taking a liking to laying on the floor, on her stomach, to look at a book or color, just like Caitlin does. She is still figuring it out, so sometimes her positioning is awkward and uncomfortable looking.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Funny Thing

Chris and I have had a few discussions about how our kids think they can pull things by us. We think it is so funny that they think we haven't a clue- when we know perfectly well what is going on.

  • They have been put to bed for the night and we say "no getting out of bed." We later go back up because of incessant talking and laughing and are about to open the door when we hear pitter-patter and a jump into bed. We open the door to find Caitlin sitting up in bed looking at us shocked, as if to say "I have no idea why you are coming to check on us." Yeah, we are perfectly aware you were out of bed.
  • The girls come upstairs after playing downstairs, and Caitlin says, "Mom, Ashlee's face and hands are all dirty." I look and see that, indeed, they are and say "what were you playing in?" to which she replies "nothing." Hum, as if I can't see the flour all over your (both Caitlin and Ashlee) face and hands.

And Chris and I laugh because we did the same thing when we were little.

  • I was five and playing with an unnamed twin sister. This was before the day that food was sealed, so we liked to sneak tastes of things that were in the storage room. Well, this unnamed sister loved Quick and was having a taste when she dropped the entire thing on the floor. She asked me to hurry and help her clean it up, so we did the best that five year olds can do by pushing most of it under the shelve. Later we were awoken in the middle of the night (I'm sure it was about 8:30) by an angry mother who had somehow found out we had spilled it. We wondered, how did she find the spill, and how did she know it was us?
  • Chris was young (17)* when his mother came and asked who had shaved the wooden banister, showing him her shower razor with wood chips stuck in it. Chris tried placing the blame on everyone else, including the dog, and he was convinced that his mom bought it.

Kids think they are so smart and they can pull the wool over their parents eyes, if they only knew.

*truth be told, Chris was really about 6 or 7

mixing lunch

Today I went downstairs to find the girls doing this:

Caitlin was running back and forth to the kitchen to get more supplies- 2 of everything.

I love my girls, and I love how they like to play so well together and how Caitlin looks out for Ashlee.

Monday, November 16, 2009

having a snack

The girls had their snack upstairs on their little table today while I cleaned. They had fun but there was a MESS afterward.
Note to self: A one year old is to little to have a snack (out of ones high chair) unsupervised with a three year old sister who has access to water.

She won't stay still for one second, so I am surprised I managed a picture of her.

The hair is not just sticking up because I failed to do it today. We have a TERRIBLE
static problem in Rock Springs generally and in our house specifically.
Dry, cold, windy weather = horrible static for fine hair

Friday, November 13, 2009

A fall craft

made by the whole family.
We made these ripped paper collages the other day.
They were fun to make, especially for a certain 3 year old, what with the drawing, cutting, ripping, painting/gluing.
And they look cool to just look at, but maybe not so nice to look at hung up.
It is just one of those things that doesn't turn out to be a very good decoration. Oh well, the fun in making it is all that really counts.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

a climber

Ashlee is a climbing girl. She will climb on to anything and everything that she can, the table-the dishwasher-the bed-big chairs-the sewing table-the play chest. Luckily for us she can not pull her own weight up on things, so it has to be low enough or have levels to get up. At this age Caitlin never climbed on anything, ever; so this is new to us. But fun to see what mischief Ash can get herself into.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Just to say

we are still here.

Just in a bit of a monotonous rut. But enjoying playing.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Who has time to blog

when we are experiences such beautiful weather.
Today is day 6- and counting- of straight days of nice, warm, clear skies, little to no wind, perfect fall weather.
We love it.
We only wish the sun wouldn't set so early so we could enjoy each day a little longer.