Saturday, February 28, 2015

Wrapping up february

A few last pictures from February.
The girls got some new clothes from both Grandma's!
Molly loves to help in the kitchen and wear her chef's hat and (usually) her apron.
And Caitlin and Ashlee spent one day at a friend's house while I was a work. They did play make-up and looked.......interesting. I'm glad we won't do make-up for several more years at least.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

ice skating and basketball

Caitlin was so excited to go ice skating last month with her BFF, Camden, for Camden's birthday.
It's been hard this year because they are in different schools, but they still like to get together anytime they can!

Caitlin had her last basketball game last night and was super excited that she was playing Camden's team for the last game! They were so cute and guarded each other anytime they were both in.
Caitlin learned and grew so much during basketball, and really loved it. She even scored a basketball one game, something I thought would never happen. Great job Caitlin!

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Chris home for a week!!!!!!

Everybody in every theater program goes to ACTF for a week in February. Chris goes every year as well. But this year he skipped ACTF and came home instead!
We were so excited to see him!!! It's been 5 weeks since he left for Moscow.
He came home on Valentine's Day and we opened all our Valentines.

L-O-V-E from Beth Will on Vimeo.

It snowed the next day and the girls played out in it after church. They were so excited about it because it has been a very mild winter.

Molly became obsessed with a headband and wore it day and night for many days.
(we are playing doctor, she is looking in my ears)

One day we went to the library for story time. I had to meet Chris and Molly there, so they had to walk, Molly rode her tricycle and they parked it in the bike rack. I thought it was so funny.

We didn't take many pictures, but it was so nice to have Chris home and have everything feel normal again. The week went by way to fast, but another week gone is another week closer to the end of the semester!!!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Grandma Visits!

With Chris being on sabbatical, we knew we would need a visit from Grandma Berta. So she came all of last week, and we had a blast!!!
Our ugly teeth tea party.

Caitlin did Ashlee and Molly's hair for another tea party. She is getting good!

We read books
and cooked
and celebrated Valentine's Day with flowers and yummy breakfast.

And we visited Great Grandma Garrett in Logan.

And jumped on bubble wrap. I should have taken a picture when we were all jumping on it at the same time.

We didn't take many pictures, but we loved having Grandma here for the whole week and had so much fun with her!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Bathroom makeover

Our downstairs 1/2 bath was dang ugly, and still had ugly border wall paper on it. But I don't have a lot of motivation when it comes to decorating and painting, so we lived with it for 6 1/2 years.
And then I got motivated, and it is gone.
Here's a partial before/during tear down. 

I painted it gray, and took down the large medicine cabinet mirror and painted the vanity.

And after- 
We are still working on getting pictures or something for the walls.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

first week of February

I love when the girls play dress-up! It was one of my favorite things to do when I was little as well.

We had a lot of nice weather and the girls sat on the curb eating their snacks.

Playing Ring-a-round-the-Roises with their dolls.

On our way to Utah to pick up Grandma Berta we hit 100000 miles. We have put ALOT of miles on our van in the 3 years we have had it with our many trips to places like Arizona, California, South Dakota, Colorado and Texas.