Thursday, July 30, 2015

Random from July

In July we also went to one evening of the National High School Rodeo Finals. There were 2 areas to watch from where we were sitting, so there was a lot going on.

We had the annual Gateway Ward summer BBQ where Chris and Scott Donaldson got stuck cooking hamburgers and hot dogs the WHOLE time. Part of the territory when you are in the bishopric.

Caitlin got braces. She has no room in her mouth for her teeth now, and will have less when she gets her permanent teeth, so they are working on making some room.

The girls love being outside, and were playing with a water feature that Caitlin got for her birthday on this particular day.

Caitlin, Molly and I attended the Big Show parade in Rock Springs. This was our first time every attending this parade since we have lived here. They through out tons of candy, and it was very hot. But we had a good time.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Girls to Arizona

The day after the "Annie" performance (last Friday) G&G Bishop drove back to Arizona with the girls. They were so brave, and kind, to be willing to take them home with them for nearly a week. They girls had a great time, and we got picture updates from G Berta throughout the week.

While they were gone Chris and I went to the Ogden Temple and the Vernal Temple (pictured below) as well as got some house work done and wondered why our life was so quite. The girls sure add lots of noise and excitement.

On Thursday, Chris drove down to pick up the girls. He met G&G in Kingman, where they made the exchange. Then they spent the night in Las Vegas with some of our friends who use to live in Rock Springs (Brock and Sarah Ellis). Caitlin and Kayden are the same age and loved playing together when they were little. The Ellis' moved away when they were 4 1/2.

On the way home from Vegas they stopped to play at this playground and Chris had them stand where they were born. See Caitlin, clear over in the right corner, standing in Scotland?

Thursday, July 16, 2015


Chris did a BOCES children's show this summer and Caitlin was in it. It was 3 weeks of work getting the show ready, and Caitlin loved every second of it.
They did one performance the night of the last class, and they did a great job,
Molly was so excited to see her friend, Ocean, at the performance. They were besties in bunnies class.
Ashlee was very lucky and got to be the the performance. She sat by this radio at the beginning and then wandered around other parts of the show. It was all planned- I think she was suppose to be listening to the story.
My camera did not take good pictures of the show, so they are all super blurry. 

One of the days of class. Class was 9-3 Mon-Thurs for 3 weeks. They did many activities beside getting the show ready. Caitlin met some great friends and had so much fun.

After the show.

Caitlin and her good friend, Sky (who was Annie). (Caitlin was an orphan)

Chris, Caitlin, and Ashlee with Caitlin's good friends, Sky and Ellie. They were 3 amigos during the class.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Chris' Birthday

Today was Chris' 34th birthday!
We had a very busy day: presents, International Day's at Bunning park where the girls had awesome face painting, mowing lessons, and the annual Chris/Ben birthday party. Its great that they share a birthday and we have an extra excuse to get together and have a BBQ.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Caitlin turns 9!

Our beautiful, oldest daughter turned 9 today! Caitlin is a great older sister and a good friend and example to her sisters. She loves to read and play outside. The only thing she likes to do by herself is read, otherwise she wants to be doing something with other people. She loves movies and cotton candy. She loves her dad probably more then anyone else in the world. We love Caitlin 

She is participating in the kids summer show, Annie, so we had to get up early to do presents and breakfast before she and Chris had to go to that.

After Annie rehearsal she had her friend, Sky, over for dinner and ice cream sundaes. As well as some games and playing.

Caitlin hula hooping from Beth Will on Vimeo.