Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Family Pictures from Easter.

Easter morning just before church.

Easter afternoon just before leaving.

And a picture with the Grandparents and grandkids. This shows perfectly the way Molly acted the whole time. She wanted nothing to do with Grandma or Grandpa when Chris or I were there.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Spring Break Part 3

We always "mud our feet" at Grandma's house and the girls really look forward to it.

We helped pick carrots from Grandma's garden.

The day we had a tea party with the Elmer tea was a super fancy tea party. We invited Grandma's friend and we all dressed up! And we had alot to eat. We considered it high tea.

This was a big moment.....Molly actually helped Grandma with something, and I wasn't there!
They made play dough.

We went on a picnic to a park for a few hours one day.

Later in the week I went back over to Mesa to spend a day with Annie and then we picked Chris up at the airport. (He flew down for the long Easter weekend). Molly was so sad and crying when I left, but quickly stopped and then didn't cry again the whole time I was gone. She only acts up when I am there- stinker!
Plus, she is very happy with Grandma and Grandpa when I am gone.
My Mom took a few pictures while I was gone.
They had so much fun, they didn't even miss me!
Annie and I were able to have a fun day together, going on a walk, to the temple and lots of shopping. Then picking Chris up from the airport and eating at a delicious Thai Restaurant.

Either Caitlin or Ashlee got to help with every meal we had. They loved being Grandma's best helper.

Caitlin and Ashlee had been working on a play for weeks, and performed it while we were there. Molly was just along for the ride.

We dyed eggs.

Easter morning the girls went on a scavenger hunt to find their Easter baskets that are from Chris and I.
 Then they looked for eggs the Easter Bunny had hid in the backyard.

They had Stake Conference and there were some great talks about the Savior and His Atonement.
After church we ate dinner outside!!!
That evening we drove back to Annie's house to spend the night, and then got an early start in the morning driving all the way back home.
We had a great time in Arizona! We always love going to visit and we have so much fun.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Spring Break Part 2

Sunday morning we left Annie's and drove to G&G Bishop's.
It was SUPER WINDY after church, they only managed to sit outside for a few minutes.
 Watching one of the bird feeders come crashing to the ground from the wind!

The next day was so much nicer, and calmer. We did some jump rope and double dutch.
And I must say- I've still got it! Double dutch is so fun.

During Molly's nap, the older girls and I went to watch Grandpa's choir!
He is really good at what he does, and his choir sounds so good.
We usually go and visit when he is out of school, so I haven't been able to see any of his choirs live in a really long time. It was fun! I could listen to Acapella all day.
Then we went into the auditorium to watch Company (his musical theater group). It always brings back lots of memories of Centennial Singers back when we lived in Laramie!
Caitlin and Ashlee really loved it and went back later in the week to watch again.

Molly was sick at the beginning of our trip and she was so very grumpy.
She screamed and cried when my Mom suggested she sit at this little stool/table to eat her snack, but sat there once Grandma left her alone. She would cry if she didn't see me or know where I was. One morning I heard her crying and asking my Mom "where my mamma go!?" She was fine with Grandma and Grandpa when I wasn't there, but otherwise didn't want much to do with them. She is stubborn!

We had a tea party pretty much every day. And used a different tea set every day.

For FHE we looked at Grandma's real egg collection. And we only broke 1 or 2 or 3 of them, whoops. I guess they don't have very soft hands!

Every morning they gather some books and lay in bed with Grandma to read them!
Grandma has so many fun things to play with from her days of teaching Kindergarten. There is never a dull moment.

Grandma gave each of the girls a little bucket and we went walking to find treasures.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Spring Break Part 1

Chris and the girls' spring breaks never match up so we usually just stay around home for both of them. But this year the girls' spring break was so late in the year I decided it was worth the drive by myself to go to Arizona (figuring the lateness in the year would keep us from dealing with snowy roads).
In the end, Grandma Will drove down with us so we wouldn't have to drive alone. Thanks Trish!

We left after school on Thursday (they missed a day of school at the beginning and the end) and stayed in a hotel in South Provo.
It was a rough night....sleep kicking and punching, awake toddler, snoring, awake toddler........and we were all up shortly after 5. I figured, since Molly was awake, we might as well all get up and get going.

We dropped Trish off at her friends house and then went to Annie's house! They LOVE "their Annie" so much. It's like having a 2nd- much more fun- Mom.
They love that she has so many high heal shoes and walked around with them all the time.
We played tag around the van. was warm!!! Pretty much in the 70's-80's every day we were down there. It was glorious! (and hard to come back home to Wyoming)
 Caitlin and Ashlee went swimming in Annie's community pool. But it was very cold even for them. It its warm enough down there yet to really warm an unheated pool.
 We had a dinner picnic at a fun park.
Going to Arizona at this time of year makes me seriously wonder WHY we live in Wyoming!?!?!?