Sunday, May 31, 2015

Verdell Bishop Reunion

Over the weekend we went to Orem to have a Verdell Bishop family reunion.
If he were still alive, my Grandpa Bishop would turn 100 this summer.
He was an incredible man and told the best stories. And he has left a legacy behind in all his posterity.
Friday night we met at a park and played games and talked.

Dad, Mom and Annie also drove up for the reunion. Grandma Berta made Ashlee a new nightgown, so Molly got Ashlee's old one. Happy girls all around!

Saturday morning we met at the Provo temple and then did a walk to the new south Provo temple.
After the walk we had breakfast. Then over to Uncle Jon and Aunt Carol Jean's house for a pool party. They have the best pool and everyone had a blast.

That night we met at a church for dancing, games, socializing and dinner.
Molly made a new best friend. Maddison is my cousin, Jeanne's, daughter.

The Bishop siblings (except Barry). From left to right Dad (Bruce), Ray, Patrice, Julie and Jon.

5 sets of twins in 2 generations. 3 sets of identical and 2 fraturnal. Identical twins are not suppose to be genetic, but I don't know if I buy it.

The whole gang after the walk.
The whole gang on Saturday night. There were a lot of us there, but we were still missing over half of our numbers! Big family.

And on a completely separate note, Chris was put back into the Gateway Ward Bishopric today.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015


Last Saturday was University of Idaho graduation. We are so proud of Chris and all his hard work and were excited to see him graduate!

The entire university does just 1 graduation, which makes it pretty long. The girls did great though. Caitlin and Ashlee wrote down all of our families' names and put tally marks for every graduate called with the same name. In the end Elizabeth was #1 and Caitlin was #2.

Our graduate!! We met him near the theater after the ceremony.

This hard working man now was a Master's in directing to add to his Master's in Musical Theater and Bachelors in Theater and Dance!!
Sunday morning we left Moscow very early and drove all the way back home (with a little detour down to SLC to take Trish and Doug back to the airport). We were so glad to be back home and all together again!

Monday, May 18, 2015

Trip to Moscow, Idaho

Last Thursday we left Rock Springs bright and early to head to Moscow, ID for University of Idaho graduation and to bring Chris back home!! We were so excited.
We drove to SLC and picked up Trish and Doug from the airport and they drove on up with us.

By the time we finally got to Moscow, we were so tired and SOOO happy to see Dad/Chris.

Molly was so funny, because the whole weekend she didn't want to let Chris out of her site. She would cry if he had to go somewhere and would ask when he was coming back.

Friday was kind of rainy and cool so we hung out at the hotel playing games, swimming and watching movies.

Then at lunch we went to a park to play and eat a picnic. It was pretty cold, but still fun.
This was the most dangerous slide every built! The side are so low I don't know how they ever made it into a park. We saw a little girl fall right off the top all the way down to the ground while we were there.

After nap time it was still raining, so we went bowling!!
It was Molly's first time and she loved it. Caitlin and Ashlee loved it as well.

After bowling we went and had dinner at a very delicious restraunt.