Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Crazy Day

This week is anti-bully week at school, and each day there is a different dress theme, i.e. yesterday they could wear clothing with peace signs and today was crazy day.

So Caitlin wore mismatching clothing and had crazy hair. 
 (What a beautiful girl she is, even with crazy hair.)

Tomorrow she is excited to dress like a super-hero, which I guess will just entail a cape?  Boys have super-hero clothes, but do girls?  Ours don't.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

10 Months

This silly little girl is 10 months old!
She is still pretty serious, and doesn't laugh unless she really thinks something is funny.  
She still can be pretty shy at times, turning her head to the side or hiding her head in me.
She loves, Loves, LOVES toys or anything else she can play with.  She will start crying if she is set on the floor with no toys to play with, and by play I mean eat.
Her hair is filling in, but she still looks like a balding man with a strip down the middle and lots in the back.
She had a well child visit yesterday and weighs in at 17lbs 7oz (14th percentile) (which is a significant drop in percentile, but she was sick this past week so they aren't concerned.)
She is 29 inches long (around 80th percentile).
Her hips still click when rotated.  She had an ultrasound done at 6 months, and had an x-ray today to check for any hip dysplasia.
She is feeling a lot better now!  She was exhibiting many s/s of RSV, but the doctors office didn't test her since she was on the mend.  If she did have RSV, she handled it like a champ because I never was worried enough to take her into the doctor.  Whether it was, or wasn't, she is doing much better!
She still has an umbilical hernia, which she has had since birth.

She loves to take a bath and play with toys!
She doesn't splash around, she just plays with the toys.

She has gone down the stairs twice, not fallen down- just gone down.  I'm not sure if she slides down head first on her belly, or what, but she has managed it twice while no one was looking.  We are glad she hasn't fallen down the stairs, but we are keeping a closer eye on her- she is so fast.

She still likes a bottle, but is still primarily breast fed.
She likes to eat whatever we are eating for dinner, although she can't always have what we are eating.  She likes feeding herself with her fingers better then the spoon.  She likes vegetables much more then fruits, I just have to boil them until they are super soft so she can gum them.
She has 1 tooth!  On the bottom right side.

She mostly gets around doing any arm crawl still.
She is an expert at getting in the crawling stance, but can't keep it up once she starts moving.
She pulls herself up to stand on low things.
She figured out how to kneel down, and thinks it is a great trick.
 She doesn't clap her own hands, but likes to grab my hands and make me clap.

We love this little girl, she brings us joy everyday!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Fabric Wipes

Yesterday I went through our old Family Fun magazines before throwing them out.  
I ripped out the ideas I wanted to save and tossed the rest.
Today I made one of their ideas that I thought would be fun for Molly.
I cut out pieces of fabric and then folded them together
 and put them all in a wipe box.
 Now she can pull them all out to her hearts content and then we just refold and put them back in.
Super cute, super easy.  We tried it out, but she just wanted to play with the flip up lid part.  It will just take a few times of us helping/showing her I think.

Home Sick

Our poor Molly babe has been sick for the past few days. 
Because she was sick yesterday and Chris was out of town, we all stayed home from church.

I think she is saying, "Please, no pictures"
She felt crummy and slept for a lot of the day.  When she was awake she mostly needed to be within touching distance of me and her nose ran constantly.

It was a pretty long and boring day, staying home with all the kids when Caitlin and Ashlee felt fine.
We did our best to try to stay busy while still trying to keep some sort of Sabbath spirit.

Before dinner the girls set up a bunch of toys in their room (on the ladder and night stand) and played Primary.  Their primary consisted of prayers, a talk, the spotlight, hello song for visitors, the Article of Faith, and a Scripture.....they were very thorough.

Caitlin was actually assigned to do the scripture for real Primary and had been practicing it during the week.  She was sad that we weren't going to church, but perked right up when I told her she could read the scripture for us.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Jan. Cupcakes

For Christmas I got a new calendar that has a different kind of cupcake each month. 
My goal (although I don't make goals :) ) is to make each months cupcake.
January was the donut shop cupcake.
Ashlee and I made them for FHE last night.  Because they called for coffee in the cupcake and the frosting we made a few changes.  Plain chocolate cupcakes and hot chocolate frosting.
They were delicious!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Failed Celebration

The girls got out all the musical instruments to play and celebrate when the Broncos scored a touchdown.
They had fun doing it, but then the Broncos lost and all was so sad at our house :(

Visiting Logan

Ashlee, Molly and I drove to Logan Wednesday morning to visit Grandma Garrett and Grandma Berta (who was there visiting).

Grandma Berta was teaching Ashlee how to count her pennies into groups of ten.

My Aunt Shirley lives above my Grandma, and she has a fabulous doll house.  Ashlee wasted no time getting it out and playing with it.  It is a great doll house and she finds everything for it at garage sales!

This poor family has quadruplets, but at least they have enough potties for them all!

Ashlee and Grandma counting all the pennies.

My Grandma has had these peg board tiles since her kids were little. We opted to just cover the board instead of making pictures.

 And a photo of us all just before we had to head back home.
Maybe next time we go Chris and Caitlin will be able to come to.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A New Year

I am not a new year's resolution kind of person.  I don't ever write down goals I want to accomplish.  I do, however, always have a list of things to do in my head.  I guess that is sort of my goal list, but not really.

A few things in my head right now are to slowly work through spring cleaning the house, eat healthy and keep exercising, read the Book of Mormon as a family everyday.  We managed to read the whole thing as a family in 2012 and it was great.

I also need to make our yearly photo book.  The girls have been looking through the old ones alot this past week, which reminded me start making the new one.

We also had a huge pile of papers on top of the fridge that I have been wanting to take care of, and I finally did!  The papers were things we had saved from school for both Caitlin and Ashlee.  I bought them each a tote and then condensed the pile down to only things we REALLY wanted to keep.  Now the papers will be organized under their beds and they can look at things they've done in the past whenever they want.

Monday, January 7, 2013


It is no secret that we have been fighting with this girl to get her to eat.  We knew she DID NOT like baby food, but now she is over the net thing to.
On New Year's Eve she actually ate applesauce from a spoon!
We were so excited!!
 She even opened her mouth up to eat it.

Since then we have discovered she likes bread, beans and cooked veggies (she only likes fruit okay).  Everything has to be in its regular form, then we just cut it small and she gums it.  She just wanted regular food, and wanted it on her time.  Now she is no problem at meals.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

My Birthday

Yesterday I turned 32, and it feels just the same as 31 did.
The girls were really excited for me to open the presents.
I was looking forward to spending this birthday with Annie, but since our Arizona trip was cut short then it didn't work out.
Instead we went to a friends house to play games, eat good food and ring in the New Year.
We put Molly to bed in one of the bedrooms and Ashlee feel asleep around 11, but Caitlin lasted until midnight. It was a fun time with good friends.