Thursday, February 27, 2014

I covered some pillows!

Nothing like a few new covered pillows to brighten up a room and an old/drab couch.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Sick Month

We had a bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad month of sickness. I think it was our worst stretch ever.

Ashlee taking a nap when she was sick and Molly covered her with stickers.

Molly laying down beside Caitlin when Caitlin was sick.

Waking up one Sunday morning to find Molly looking like she had been in a fight.
(just a really runny nose, that had apparently been bleeding as well sometime during the night.)

Snuggling together on our 3rd week home from church. 
It was ridiculous.

And here is the run down for my records.....

Thurs. Jan 30th- Molly throwing up last night and half the day
Sunday, Feb. 2nd- Chris and Ashlee throwing up (home from church)
Monday, Feb 3rd- Molly inadvertently exposed to Hand-Foot and Mouth
Tues-Friday (feb 4th-7th)- Molly with occasional low grade fever, but grumpy! Wondering if she would get hand-foot and mouth or not.
Friday, Feb 7th- called home from our date because Caitlin throwing up
Sat. Feb 8th- Molly develops Hand-Foot and Mouth rash and sores
Sunday, Feb 9th- Ashlee starts getting sick at church (chills/fever/cough- very suddenly) Molly with HFM
(Chris and I tag team staying home from church with Molly)
Mon, Feb 10th- Ashlee home from school, Molly with HFM
Tues, Feb 11th- Ashlee home from school, Molly with HFM, Caitlin home sick from school at 11am with   same thing Ashlee has. I don't feel great and then get very sick about 3pm- same thing as Caitlin and Ashlee.
Wed, Feb 12th- Ashlee back to school, Caitlin home from school, Molly with HFM, Me home sick, Chris   home from work to take care of Molly.
Thurs, Feb 13th- Caitlin home from school, Molly with HFM, me feeling a little better.
Friday, Feb 14th- Caitlin to school at 9:30am (feeling a bit better, but regressing and feeling terrible by 5pm again), Molly with HFM, Chris not feeling great and getting very sick about 3pm (but not able to come home from work until 6)
Sat. Feb 15th- Caitlin sick, Chris sick, Molly with HFM and fever after naps.
Sunday Feb 16th- Caitlin still sick- still having fevers and chilling so bad at 5am that taken to ER to find out what secondary infection she has....has a sinus infection, started on antibiotic. Molly's HFM better but now fevering and runny nose (and woke with bloody face), Home from church again.
Monday, Feb 17th- Caitlin better! Molly still fevering at night and with runny nose.
Tuesday, Feb 18th- All better............although Molly was very grumpy all week until Sunday the 23rd.
We didn't go to the doctor to get tested, but I am positive we all had influenza- the symptoms were exact.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

False Alarm

Molly had started really fighting sitting in her high chair, so I got out the booster chair and put it on a chair at the table. 
I made a big deal about it with lots of cheering and clapping.
She was excited!
Then she spilled her food ALL OVER and squirted her drink out all over the booster chair and the floor.
So, I put the booster chair away and she has to sit in her high chair again.
She wasn't quite ready after all.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Red Tie Gala

Earlier this month the Hospital had a Red Tie Gala to raise money for local people receiving cancer treatments.
The hospital is getting ready to open a new Cancer Center and wanted to introduce its Oncology staff so I was able to go! 
Everyone was suppose to wear red shoes or a red tie- I wore red shoes, but have no picture of that.
A selfie before I left.

Some of the people I work with in Medical Oncology.
(I am CPT for Chemotherapy and continue to be CPT for the Medical/Surgical Unit. I cover the chemo nurses when they have a day off or go on vacation)

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Valentines Food

We had a good, but uneventful Valentine's Day.
We had a lot of sickness in our house that week, so we just laid low.
I made bread the day before and saved some dough in the fridge for our pizza the next day.
I went to pick the girls up from school and it had exploded by the time I came home! 

 We had heart shaped pizza for dinner.

And a "love"-ly dessert for afterward.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Valentine Envelopes

Today for FHE we made valentine envelopes, similar to ones I saw in the Family Fun Magazine.
The girls had fun decorating theirs while Molly was chowing down on chocolate covered strawberries (our treat!).
We tied them to the back of our chairs, and we have to make a valentine for each other and place them in the envelopes by Friday.



Chris (gray) and Caitlin's (red):


I got a FHE board at Time Out for Women this fall, and just hung it up after Christmas.
It has made a big difference in our FHEs. Everyone takes their turn giving the lesson, instead of just Chris or I doing it all the time. Everyone knows what their job is and prepares ahead of time. It is working great for us so far.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

More Snow

We have had ALOT of snowstorms this winter. And yesterday we had more.
Luckily we have a south facing driveway, so alot of the snow melts off itself.
But we still shovel when there is any accumulation.
Yesterday the girls went outside and did the shoveling! (it may have been assigned to them)
They were happy doing it and came in afterward for hot chocolate.
I told them to do the best they could, and they did a great job!!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Little girls

Ashlee was playing school, and Molly was her pupil.
She got them both all dressed up to go "out to recess".
Molly adores Ashlee and Caitlin.
She is pretty sure she should be doing whatever they are doing.
No one can make Molly laugh the way Ashlee does, its hilarious.
Molly can say "Ash-ee" and "Ait". But she prefers to say Ash-ee (I think it is easier to say).
They are all great sisters!

Monday, February 3, 2014


Since the Broncos were in the Super Bowl, we were really looking forward to watching the game.
Then Ashlee started throwing up during the night and Chris woke up with it in the morning. Yuck.
Molly had the bug a couple days before them, so we all stayed home from church so we wouldn't keep passing it on.
Chris was feeling a little better by the time the game started, but Ashlee wasn't.
Our great Super Bowl game food was changed to boring, dull, bland food.
And then the game ended up being dismal.
It was a disappointing day all around at the Will house.