Sunday, March 28, 2010


We got new easter baskets at the dollar store, but they are the same and not very fancy.
So we made them different and fancy by adding embellishments.
Thanks to the Will Grandparents for some fancy, sparkly stickers that worked great!
Can you guess whose is whose?
Hint: Caitlin can often be heard saying "pink and purple are my favorite colors"

I know you are all wondering how I could possibly be posting in this 3 o'clock hour when church isn't over until 4? Well, Ashlee still has tons of germs that we don't really want to pass around to everyone else in nursery, so she and I stayed home.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

singing a little JasonRobertBrown

Chris has been practicing this song from "Parade" for an upcoming event at school, and Caitlin learned it also.

Friday, March 26, 2010

poor ash

The worst thing about her being sick, besides the fever, continually running nose, crying, hoarse voice, night wakings, short naps, loss of appitite, terrible cough, and sneezing, is that our sweet little girl just feels so misrable.

How she looks a good portion of the day and night- either resting on Mom or Dad.

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Chris was summoned for jury duty this past week.
I have had it several times since we got married, but this is the first time for him.
No big deal, most of the things seem to be settled out of court and you don't even have to go.

Here's the kicker:

He is summoned for 1 YEAR

For one full year he will have to let the courts know if we will be out of town, have special events, be gone for work or anything else that may conflict with his availability as a juror.
Kind of crazy.
But I know my Mom would be loving it if it happened to her :)

Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring Break- part 3

One afternoon we did something that is kind of crazy, but the girls loved it.
We drove around to all the grocery stores, not to shop, but to ride the rides out front.

Our grocery stores don't have these fun things, although I think we have some at the mall. The girls loved it so much that I think we will be heading to the mall on a cold day to ride the rides.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Arizona Spring Break- part 2

We drove 15 3/4 hours yesterday to be back home. It was the first time we have driven the entire way in one day, and we made it! But today we were NOT getting in the car for anything.

Our trip was so fun and can be adequately described in this one picture:

It was beautiful weather and we enjoyed our time together.

From left to right, top to bottom:

  • looking at some rabbits at a landscaping store. They could go no closer because of the poop that was everywhere.
  • picnicing in Tucson prior to our spring training baseball game and the zoo.
  • Roper Lake
  • looking at a horse at afore mentioned store, and going no closer for fear the horse may bite
  • playing the piano with Grandpa
  • chasing ducks at the same store
  • shelling pecans (there are tons of pecan trees in my parents town, and they get tons from their friend, free, every year. We just have to shell them. There is nothing like fresh pecans, yum)
  • having a tea party. Ashlee was old enough to use the nice dishes and was so careful with them
  • watching a chicken at same store
  • a natural hot springs hot tub at Roper Lake
  • looking at baby chicks, again at same store
  • chicks again
  • laying in the new blanket my Mom made for Ashlee (did I ever mention that my Mom is an amazing quilter?)


It was fun to be outside so much. We are really itching for spring now.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Spring Break!

We love spring break!
It gives us time to go somewhere warmer and actually enjoy spring, instead of enduring our never ending winter at home.
Arizona is our destination this year, and it has been beautiful weather for us so far.
Blah- work over spring break :(
Luckily he got it all done in one day so even he gets a break now.
Cooking with "her Annie"
Planting flowers at Annie's house.
The sun was shinning so bright and it was so warm, we even had to use sunscreen, hooray!
The girls will have probably nearly forgotten about this planting adventure by the time we plant in our yard in 2 months.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

its over

We finished our first ever swimming lessons.

Caitlin did make progress:
  • She no longer death grips her teacher while swimming
  • she will swim on her back without getting scared
  • she will put her mouth in the water
  • she will go all the way under with the teacher only- never by herself
  • she doesn't cry when jumping off the diving board (well actually being dropped off the board)
  • she will get in the hot tub and not just sit on the steps
  • she just seems more comfortable with the water in general

That being said, she still has far to go to even graduate out of her current class but I'm glad that she liked it and had fun.

We will resume lessons in the summer or fall.

Since this post is about Caitlin, lets finish with a glimpse of how good she is getting at writing her name. Which is a good thing because it is misspelled by others more than spelled correctly.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Its no fun being sick.

She apparently caught some kind of stomach bug and spent literally all of yesterday with her head in a bowl.
Luckily she is feeling much better today, just very tired and worn out.