Sunday, August 30, 2015

Family Pictures

On Ashlee's birthday we had some family pictures taken by Amanda Scott. We love how they turned out! They were taken in Green River at Expedition Island.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Back to work and other end of summer activities

Chris started another school year at WWCC (his 8th), and Molly started Bear's class at the WWCC children's center, a.k.a. pre-school. She was so very excited!

Our van need the oil changed and tires rotated. So we dropped it off and went on a long walk to kill the time. We stopped at Bunning Park to play a little bit. Bunning Park has so many trees making it one of Rock Springs most beautiful parks.

On our walk we also stopped over the railroad tracks to wait and watch for trains. It looks very NYCish.

We made home-made kites and attempted to fly them. They didn't work very well, but it was fun anyway.

After Chris started back to work we really had limited summer days left. We needed to take full advantage, so we went to Bear Lake one more time with the Philo's and Smith's. Just the moms and the kids. There were big clouds rolling through all day, so it wasn't the warmest day, but the kids had fun and didn't mind.

From Bear Lake the girls and I headed over the mountain to visit and spend the night with Grandma Garrett. She recently got chickens, and the girls had fun feeding them. We also got tons of tomatoes from the garden and the girls picked something from the treasure chest. (On the way home we stopped to use the bathroom at Little America, and Molly was swinging her key chain that she picked from the treasure chest around her little finger. It went flying off and landed right in the toilet. Before we could even think about getting it out, the toilet did an automatic flush and her key chain was gone. She was heartbroken).

The start of WWCC classes mean we can hit a few volleyball games!

Sunday morning with a stomach-ache. She ended up being just fine- false alarm.