Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Here in sunny Arizona we are enjoying family, warmer weather and NO SNOW!!!! Our coats are at the dry cleaners and I forgot to pick them up yesterday. We have just been going without coats, which feels so nice. This is also why we are out of the blogging world- to many other things to do. The rest of my family is trickling in today and tomorrow and then we will be complete and ready for Christmas! Merry Christmas to all.

Saturday, December 13, 2008


We woke up and went downstairs this morning and surprise- Santa had left a couple of things for us. He left a note saying that he knew these things wouldn't fit in our car when we come back home from Arizona, so he left a table and chairs and kitchen set for the girls.

Caitlin has been cooking up a storm ever since.

We also opened our presents from the Will family to lighten our load of things to take on our trip. Everyone was so kind and far to generous, we appreciate all the wonderful gifts and the girls are excited about their fun toys. We head out Monday as long as we have a bit of cooperation with the weather.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

little toe-heads

Caitlin was 1 in 1000 in New York, as blond hair blue eyes was so uncommon there. But here........not so uncommon. She played with her friend, Kayden, today who is blonder than her. They play so good and cute together. We are thankful for our new friends we are making here.

winter wonderland

This shoveling thing could take forever.

Good thing Dad is helping.

We just had our 2nd snow storm of the season. Because we haven't had much snow, we didn't even buy snow shovels until last week. Caitlin was so thrilled to buy her very own shovel. And than even more thrilled to be able to use it a few days later.

Friday, December 5, 2008

ah- girls

No reason behind the pictures, just cause these girls are great.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Its Christmas Time

We decorated for Christmas earlier this week. We are leaving for Christmas in Arizona in just a couple of weeks, so we opted for no tree this year. Instead, we made one out of paper and hung a few of our ornaments on it. Caitlin loved bringing all the presents to put under the tree. She loves to look at the presents, and Chris told her which are hers. Today she dragged a bag over to me and said "this is mine, Mommy". And then she opened one of the bags and showed me her new dress.

Ashlee is holding toys a little bit now! And everything gets a nice coat of slobber.

Monday, December 1, 2008

New Direction

Who is the handsome devil behind that beard? It is Chris, the director. "Into the Woods" is now over, and has been for over a week, I just didn't have time to post this earlier. Is there significance in the beard, hat and ball that he is holding? Chris would say no, but I have my doubts. Chris has some superstitions as a director, just as an athlete may have about a game. He wore the hat every rehearsal and every show, and was never seen without the baseball either. He says that beard had nothing to do with the show, but he started growing it a couple of weeks before the show opened and then.............

shaved it the day after it closed.

Okay, he only shaved it because I asked him to because we were going to have family pictures, so maybe the beard wasn't part of the superstition. I guess the "safety" items worked though because he was a great director and created a superb show.