Wednesday, September 30, 2009


We had some visitors over the weekend. My brother, David; sister, Annie; and I are all graduates of the University of Wyoming, so this weekend they flew up and we all went to a football game. (David's wife, Julie and their daughter, Bailey also came). After the game- and dinner at a fantastic mexican restraunt in Laramie- they came home to Rock Springs with us. We had a great time and are so glad they could come and visit!
obviously there was something very exciting going on in the game because I am the only one looking for the picture.

the girls did really well at the game- we had plenty of snacks to keep them happy.

Bailey even got a nap in.

Annie and Caitlin. It was a great game and the Cowboys won!!

Friday, September 25, 2009

fall colors

The woman we bought our house from was very wise. She planted many perennials in the yard, some which blossom in the summer and some in the fall. These are some of the beautiful fall colors we get to look at this time of year.
Caitlin started at a pre-school at Chris' school yesterday. She was very excited, she couldn't even look at the camera for fear her Daddy would leave without her.
She had so much fun and cried when we told her she couldn't go today- she is only going twice a week. She especially loves going to work with Daddy.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Girls trip

I meant to post several days while we were in Arizona, but that obviously didn't happen. So now I am posting one large-long overview of the trip.
We spent some time at a few parks.

Ashlee only went up this slanting tube once because after one time I didn't want to follow her again.

Ashlee and Caitlin love their Annie

Mudding our feet with Dead Sea mud.
Annie said as the mud started drying "my legs look like an elephant"
Caitlin said "mine look like a zebra"
Many puzzles (and books).
Ashlee was a great helper in canning this chicken.
Caitlin made a new apron that says she is a good helper- which she is.
Caitlin was a bit under the weather at times with a terrible cold.
Picking apples at a nearby orchid. It had rained earlier so the leaves had so much water on them. Every time we would pick an apple we would get a fresh sprinkling of water.
There is such thing as a perfect apple and I was determined to make it mine.
We enjoyed plenty of time outside.
Annie and I made super cute sling bags- thanks for the idea Michelle Ross!
Great time with Bamma and Bampa.
We had a wonderful time- as we all do love to go down to Arizona. It was great to get back home and back to Dad (Chris), and find that fall has sprung in full force here now. The first frost of the season even came the night we got home- I'm glad our garden was grown out.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Week away

The girls and I are in Arizona for the week! We arrived today after spending the day yesterday in Logan with my Grandma for her 77 birthday. My mom threw a fun birthday party for her- her first since 4th grade. We flew with my Mom down to Arizona today.

We got here just after noon, exhausted and ready for a nap, but the girls had other ideas after napping in the car.
They played with nearly every toy in the house, and are loving every second. Luckily they went to bed tonight without even a peep, exhausted from playing and from lack of sleep last night.
We all were sleeping in the same room last night, and Ashlee was NOT sleeping well. I think about 1:45am I said to my Mom, "this is the longest, worst night EVER!"
Ashlee loves this chair because it is the perfect height to climb up and down.
Caitlin got out the dress-ups first thing.
We are excited to be here, and are missing Chris already. We are glad that he will be so busy he won't have too much time to sit around bored without us- we love you, Chris!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Rock On

We are rocking out to a CD of kids songs. Caitlin loves to play the "Kintar".
We are borrowing a Wii from some friends currently, and have especially enjoyed playing guitar hero. Let the record stand that I am not as good as Chris, however I am sweet at "My Name is Jonas". Chris can't touch me on that song.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Us this morning

On any given morning Caitlin can be found watching PBS cartoons in her nightgown. And, this morning, Ashlee was practising standing with Dad. She is getting pretty good and can stand for any amount of time up to about 5 seconds. We say "Good standing, Ashlee!" and she smiles and looks like she considers herself so clever to be figuring out this standing thing. We know that walking will be following soon- but not too soon. I give her another month at least.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Go Pokes!

It is that time of year again. College football, and the Cowboys kick off today! We are hoping for a win and a better season than any of the past- oh- 4 or so seasons. Caitlin is even getting into the spirit of things.

Friday, September 4, 2009

fun with ashlee

Ashlee makes us laugh with her funny ways and attempts to imitate others. This is her in a one minute time frame the other day at dinner.

Sunshine flowers

They have opened and shown their sunny faces. We love having these up on our back retaining wall because they grow so tall and give us a little more privacy.
We know they are actually sunflowers, but it is just much more fun to call them sunshine flowers.