Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Most Exciting Thing!

We took a trip to Yellowstone last year, and me (and Annie) were SO disappointed that we never saw a foward to our Colorado trip. 
We spent the day in Estes Park and were driving through the canyon back home and I saw a bear!!!!!!
I really wanted to see a bear in the wild, and now I have!  I was so excited to see it.
Everyone else missed it, so Chris turned around and we stopped to take pictures.

My life is complete. :)

Colorado Trip

We took a trip to Colorado for a few days of fun!
Gavin came up for the day on Monday and they played hard all day.
They played a lot of games outside until it got to hot to stand it.
 They watered all the hot and thirsty plants.
 Ashlee and Molly.
 We cooled off at the water park and had a picnic there.
 Uncle Nate came for dinner and Caitlin played him in air hockey.
 Grammy also came for dinner.
 Caitlin and Gavin.
 They helped (watched) Grandpa set up a bunch of tents.  They made a little playroom in one of them.
 We went to the park.
 Molly's first swinging.
 The next day they set up some more tents.  Molly observed.
 We took a picnic to Rocky Mountain National Park and saw a deer while we were eating.  And some chipmunks which Caitlin was obsessed with.
 We played miniature golf and I got a hole in one- maybe my first ever!
Ashlee didn't like playing that much, and her face says it.
 We rode a giant slide.
 Chris, Caitlin, and Ashlee slept in one of the tents Tuesday night.  They had to come in in the middle of the night because they didn't put the rain tarp on and it started to rain.
It was a quick trip, but we had a lot of fun!

Friday, July 20, 2012

4 Months

Molly is 4 months old already.  I sound like the same broken record as every other mom, but she is growing so fast.
She has started sitting in the bumbo a little, but she doesn't like it that much.
She LOVES to put her hands in her mouth, especially her right hand.  I feel everyday to see if a tooth has broken through because of her gnawing and drooling.
She started rolling over from her back to her front on the 10th.  She has yet to roll from front to back.
She still takes her paci, yeah!
She goes to bed about 7ish and wakes one time between 4-6 to eat.  If she wakes up before this I just put her paci in her mouth and she goes back to sleep.
She is so even tempered and rarely cries.
She likes to be where other people are.
She can hold her toys and put them to her mouth.
She spits up more than Ash and Cait did. She doesn't spit up a lot, but much more than them.
She HAS to burb after each feeding (again different than Cait and Ash)
She has been a great traveler in all of our hours in the van (with the exception of the drive up to Big Bear).
She seems to do better when I sit by her than when Chris sits by her though.  
She isn't good at sitting up at all yet.  She has to be completely braced by something or she will fall right over.

I love to see what all the girls looked like at the same age, and I have pictures of all of them in the same dress.  Each picture is taken at about 4-4 1/2 months.




Thursday, July 19, 2012


As mentioned in the previous post, Annie and I had a twin day in college when we went to Big Bear.
I found a picture!  Twin day 2001.
We wore all the exact same clothes, same hair, same earrings, same everything and discovered that the majority of the people who were in Centennial Singers with us could NOT tell us apart and relied on clothes and hair to tell us apart.
Here are some pictures where we dressed alike.  Can you tell us apart?
Not dressed alike, but I think our faces look alot alike in this pic.
I think this is the hardest one.

Our brother, David, said he thinks we are looking more alike as we get older.  I think he might be right.

Caitlin is good at telling us apart.  Ashlee is ok, but is easily confused.  At our reunion her favorite game was to have us say the exact same thing at the same time.  She just likes that our voices sound similar.

I think we look alot alike, but we looked the most alike as babies and young girls.  I don't know who is who in pictures unless I remember what we were wearing.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Bishop Family Reunion 2012

We spent a week together in Big Bear, CA for the Bishop reunion the first week of July.
We rented a big house and had a great time hanging out and being together!!
We had family pics taking in Rancho Cucamungo before we drove up to Big Bear, so we ate lunch at the Spaghetti Factory.
Grandma Berta brought a fairy tale book that all the girls loved.  Annie reading to Cait and Ash.
 Ready for church, we were all ready by 9 just to find out that church didn't start until 10.  (Excuse Ashlee's underwear hanging right out.)
 Katie, Cody and Caitlin ready for church.
 Julie and Bailey ready for church.
Chris has started a revolution with his bow ties!  Actually Grandpa and Cody have their own, David and Ryan borrowed from Chris.
Grandma Berta and Molly.  Molly was such a good baby for the whole week, especially considering it was our 2nd week away from home.
 Grandpa and Maddie.
 Making macaroni sculpture art.
We played LOTS of games, and one night the adults played round robin ping pong after the kids went to bed.  It was sooo much fun!
 Annie and I getting our hair done.
 Maddie and Bailey playing at the park.
 David blowing bubbles for all the kids.
 We were introduced to a new way of playing what we call "memory match", it is called "matchy, matchy".
 We tried to do some kind of exercise every day.
 We went down to the lake one day, they had a fun blow up slide out in the water.  You had to pass a swimming test just to go out to it.  Annie and I did the swimming test and Chris told the lifeguard to tell me I didn't pass.  I got out of the water and he told me "I'm really sorry but I can't pass you."  I said, "Are you serious? Why?"  He said, "I wasn't comfortable with your technique."  It went on for a little while before they started busting up and told me that I had passed.  It was very funny.
 All the kids at the lake: Maddie
 Cody (with Ryan)
Grandma got a new beautiful tea set at Nauvoo so the kids had a tea party with Grandma and Grandpa.  They all pretended to be different Disney characters.
 Grandma and Grandpa got everyone 4th of July shirts.
During the day on the 4th we had the Bishop Olympics.  Every family brought 2 games to play and it was so fun!!  Here is Ashlee moving cotton balls with vaseline on her nose.
 After every event we had an awards ceremony and got medals that Katie made.  It was great!  Here are the winners of the carry water with the spoon game.
 One game was racing boats we made down a tin river, it was called "Tin-issippi".
 The winners of moving a cookie from your forehead to your mouth without any hands.
 Stacking cups into a pyramid.
 Even kids one medals.
 Building a structure with marshmallows and spaghetti noodles.  Caitlin took a long time to build hers, but it was definitely the best.
Knocking over water bottles with a nylon and tennis ball- on your head.
 The winners of the water bottle event!!!
 Annie and I went to Big Bear in college with Centennial Singers and we had a twin day, so we decided to have another twin day.  I don't think its that hard to tell this time since I still have a lot of baby weight to get rid of.
We went on a adults only night (where Grandma and Grandpa watched the kids).  We went bowling and towards the end they turned on the glow-bowl and it was very fun.  Katie pretty much killed everyone with her 177.
We went down to the lake to watch the fireworks.  It was a great fireworks show and a great end to a fun week.
Thanks for all your hard work, Katie.  It was awesome!!!