Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Rest of Our Past Week

Molly in her little outfit ready to come home from the hospital.  We came home Thursday afternoon (the 22nd) right after lunch.
Caitlin and Ashlee holding Molly in the late afternoon.  The sun was shining in the window on them making them all glow like the angels they are to us.

Ashlee laid this friend by Molly for her nap so she would sleep better.  She slept great, thanks Ashlee!
The week Molly was born Caitlin brought pictures home all week that kids in her class had made for Molly.  What sweet kids she has in her class.
 Caitlin loves, loves, loves holding Molly and has been a great helper.
Ashlee isn't too bothered by Molly, she will notice her from time to time but mostly just goes about her life as normal.  We did get this beautifully soft blanket from a friend and it is so soft just like her bunny.  Ashlee said, "It is just the right size!"  I asked her who it was the right size for.  She said, "Me!!!!"  But she is very good at sharing it with Molly.
My favorite thing- watching Toy Story 3 with all their Toy Story friends.  They have done this in the past and I love it, it is so cute of them.

We Love Grandma and Grandpa!!

Grandma Berta and Grandpa Brucester got here the afternoon before Molly was born.  The girls were so excited for them to come and stay with them while I was in the hospital.
Grandma brought a whole bag full of things that she would do with the girls- crafts, books, songs, etc...
Here is "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" interactive story game:
 The "It Looked Like Spilled Milk" interactive story game:
Cuddling with Grandpa before bed.
We were sad when Grandpa had to leave Friday evening to go back to work, but we appreciated all his help SOOOOOO much!
The day after we got home from the hospital we had a tea party with Molly.  I'm sure she will grow to love tea parties as much as Caitlin and Ashlee do.
Grandma made her this "tea party" blanket so she can participate even when she is too little.  It is so cute with the little tea pots all over it.
Every morning the girls love to climb in bed with Grandma and have her read them stories.  Molly joined them on the mornings when she was awake.
They love this book "Way Out in the Dessert" and make my mom tell them a story about the animal on each page and how that animal lives in her town.
Grandma Berta left this morning to start heading back home and we were sad to see her go.  She has been wonderful in keeping our house running since Molly was born.  She has cleaned, cooked, dehydrated, played, shopped, etc, etc, etc and we couldn't have done it without her!
Thank you Grandma and Grandpa for all your help!!!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Our New Arrival

Molly Will
Born Tuesday, March 20th, 2012
7lbs15.7oz   19.25inches long
We love everything about our new little girl.  She is a perfect addition to our family!
Her birth via c-section went well.  Her nose and eyes were a bit scrunched and swollen when she was born, but she is getting less swollen everyday.  To us she looks a little like her sisters did when they were born.

We got to the hospital at 5am for the 7am c-section.  We were excited to meet our new baby, and not to nervous since this was our 3rd time at this routine.

After she was born they brought her over to see me for a minute and then took her to the nursery.  Chris went with her to the nursery and they did my hernia repair (an unfortunate ailment I acquired about the 16th week of pregnancy, but awesome that they could fix it during my c-section).

My Mom and Dad came up to the hospital just as I was coming from the recovery room to my room.  (They watched our girls night and day while we were in the hospital and took care of all of us when we got home.  My Dad had to go home to go back to work now, but my Mom is staying another week and we are soooo thankful!!!)  We all loved holding her, although we somehow missed a picture of my mom holding her.

After school, and since everyone was healthy, grandma and grandpa brought the girls up to meet Molly for the first time.  They were very excited to see her
and hold her.
 Our new family of 5!

Saturday, March 24, 2012


I was super nervous about the c-section this time, not for the c-section itself, but because of the possible pain afterwards.  With the combination of the c-section, after birth pains and the hernia repair I knew I could really be hurting, especially when the surgeon said that the hernia repair would probably hurt more than anything else.  I had horrible, terrible, uncontrolled, un-managed pain after having Ashlee for 1 whole day and I was worried that would happen again.  However, that terrible pain was due to terrible care and that did not happen this time.
I prayed a lot before hand that my pain would be managed (it was really that bad last time) and my prayers were answered.  I had wonderful care from everybody involved and I literally had very little pain.  I couldn't even feel my hernia repair at all until a little bit the second evening.  My entire "birthing" experience and hospital stay were super here (and I am not just saying that because I work at the hospital).  Everyone was great and I think that made my recovery a lot easier.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

St. Patrick's

Ashlee got this little leprechaun hat and beard at playgroup last week.  So cute!
She said, "I am an on-a-corn!"  
Then she made this beard this week at story time at the library.
Her 2 little leprechaun beards makes this officially the most we have ever celebrated St. Patrick's Day.
Caitlin celebrated at school yesterday and was sure a leprechaun would come to our house and make a mess and leave gold.  I had to inform her that I didn't think any leprechaun's would be coming to our house.  But one did go to her school and destroy their classroom while they were at recess; he tipped over tables, hung papers from the ceiling, threw crayons all over and put the whole class on red!  Chris was helping out in the room and "saw" all the destruction 1st hand.  What a naughty leprechaun.

We had a ward party last night and the girls got little bags of lucky charms.  Caitlin read the note on the bag aloud, "Kiss me, I'm Irish!"  Then Ashlee read her's aloud, "Kiss me on my wrist!"

Friday, March 16, 2012

Out of our mouths lately

Ashlee: At bedtime, "Mom, we didn't have dinner."
            "Yes we did."
            "We didn't have the nighttime food."  (she gets confused about the meals, but mostly just at breakfast                               which she calls breakfast, lunch or dinner).
We did indeed have dinner at 6pm and then they went outside and played until close to 7, took a bath and got ready for bed.  Ashlee is use to eating and then going to bed so we threw her off.

Caitlin: Has trouble with boy names that start with S
           Sawyer=Zawyer   Simba=Zimba

And speaking of The Lion King sometimes Ashlee says, "Oh well, Hakuna Matata."  I am amazed she can use this phrase appropriately like that, the things we learn from her!

And speaking further of The Lion King Ashlee was singing Hakuna Matata, "It's our problem free, pi-loss-a-pee....."  Then to me, "They say that.  It's okay if they say pee because they don't have a mother."
 Ashlee: "Mom, you're the best!  You make dinner all the day!"

What does CTR mean?  Ashlee: "Be nice and comfortable."  When Caitlin was this age she called it TCR.

They are learning alot about prophets in primary and Ashlee is obsessed with Moseph (Moses + Joseph)
         "Moseph was with the lions"
         "Moseph spilt the water"
         "The Lamanites told Moseph to get the glass plates" (she was also sure we were getting glass plates when we got our license plates)
         "Moseph was eaten by a shark!"
         Even though everything has a 3 year old spin on it, I'm glad that she is learning some things at church and home.

Caitlin:  Singing "Wh-en Geor-ge went to town...." (somehow fitting that in to the tune of Yankee Doodle) She had learned Yankee Doodle at school and just couldn't remember his name.
Ashlee and I saw the M&M commercial at the doctors office where the red guy strips off his shell at the party and I said, "that's a silly commercial."  To which Ashlee said, "Yeah! Nm&Nm's don't talk!!!!"

The girls call my Dad Grandpa Brucester all the time now.  And Ashlee says, "Duck, Duck, Bruce-ster!" She doesn't rhyme when we try to, but she must sort of get the concept.

In Scotland they say "having a lie-in" instead of sleeping in.  So when Caitlin sleeps in we say to her, "were you having a lie-in today?"  The other day she slept in and said, "I slept great.  I slept like a lion!"

We love our silly girls and how much they make us laugh and smile!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Baby's room

The baby's room is all ready and waiting for her.  It has been more or less ready for a while now.
About a month or so ago I sanded and re-painted the crib because it needed it after going through Caitlin and Ashlee.  I also made the crib skirt, the quilt in the crib, a cover for the dresser and curtains.  My mom is bringing a shelf to set the cute little owls and a few other things we have on.
Everything is just lined up on the one wall right now because we will have visitors on and off for the next while, so we need to fit the air mattress in the room also.  Later on we will rearrange and spread things out a bit.  The room will also always be the baby's room/sewing room, so my sewing desk is in there also.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tiled Floor

In January I came home from an ACLS class one Sunday about 30 minutes before Chris and the girls got home from church.  When they got home the girls timidly walked over to where I was relaxing on the couch and told me they had been bad and splashed in the tub (we do have a NO splashing rule.)  I told them I knew because I had seen the wet rugs and towels in the laundry room.  They went on to tell me that water had been dripping out of the ceiling.  What?!  

They were taking a bath while Chris was showering in our room and had proceeded to splash so much water out of the tub that it had completely flooded the bathroom floor and had, in fact, sent water dripping down through the ceiling in the kitchen.  They were in trouble.  I went upstairs and pulled back a little of the linoleum and sure enough the wood underneath was soaking wet.  We pulled back the linoleum on all the floor that was wet to allow it to dry completely and not develop any mold, and we haven't used that tub since because the floor wasn't protected.
Fast forward to last Saturday when Chris and his friend, Reed put in new tile floor (well, as in most home improvement projects Reed did most of the work and Chris was there for emotional support/comic relief).
It turned out very lovely indeed.  And now we can use that shower/tub when my parents come when the baby is born!  We will also tile the laundry room and our bathroom with the same tile at a later date.
It's nearly all put back together now, we just need to attach the baseboards and re-hang the door.  We love it, it really looks good.  Thanks Reedin!
We also need to get the other rug washed and put back down.  That silly girl, Ashlee, waits until the VERY LAST SECOND to go to the bathroom and she has to dance around very quickly while trying to get on the toilet.  Needless to say, we have accidents more frequently then we would like to.  Maybe she won't have them anymore when she is 4...........?

I Made a Purse

From this tutorial.  It was super easy.  I started it Friday and should have finished Friday, but didn't finish until today since I lack energy (see previous post).
 I have had the fabric and planned to make this purse for quite sometime but never made the time.  Now I decided I needed to downsize my purse since I will have a diaper bag, so I finally made it.
I figure it is small enough to fit in the diaper bag or small enough to easily transfer a few needed items to it when I am going somewhere and not taking the diaper bag.
Its kind of retro 70's, but I love it.
Here is the lining.  The colors match up perfect, but it is hard to tell in the picture.
I had enough material that I actually made 2 purses, not one.
The other purse will be going to Annie, because when you have a twin sister sometimes you need things that are same-same.

1 Week

Until our little bundle arrives!  Hooray!!!

We (I) started counting down at 10 days, which seems acceptable.  I feel pretty good over all, but my body has really slowed down this week.  I tire very quickly and have to rest a lot.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Some Nice Days

The weather has been warmer this week, and not so windy, so the girls could actually play outside Monday-
 and Tuesday-
And Monday Ashlee and I actually walked to go pick up Caitlin for the first time in months!  I wish we actually had a real spring here where things started growing and blooming, but I guess we will just have to settle for nicer days here and there.