Wednesday, October 31, 2012


We had a great Halloween with WAY to much candy.  How did we end up with more candy than we started with?  Some is already stored away in the freezer for our future long road trips.

Caitlin=ballerina, Molly= Greek goddess, Ashlee=Belle
We dressed up Friday for our ward Halloween party.

Molly wore the witches hat one morning.  She is one cute witch!

Today was beautiful, but did cool off once the sun went down.  We did get a couple of pictures before Caitlin put her jacket on.

We did a ward trunk-or-treat at one of the parks.  It was fun and not to big.  The kids went around twice, which is probably how we ended up with so much candy!
The girls with some of their good friends.

A rare family picture!

At home Molly inched over and investigated the candy.  She was especially interested in the bag of Swedish Fish and the sucker.
 She just held them and looked at them.  They never went into her mouth thanks to the paci.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

FHE last night

Chris manned the bobbing for apples station at the ward party on Friday night, but we informed the girls they weren't allowed to participate.  We really didn't need to be sharing germs with the other 50 kids bobbing.  
So we did our own last night for FHE.

Chris- he got his super fast.  I think his bristly beard stuck right into the apple :)

Molly just watched.  I think you need teeth to participate.



Then we made caramel apples on extremely long sticks.
We had fun, maybe we will make this a yearly tradition.

just the ladies

Just because I am rarely in a picture with my girls.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

7 months

Our sweet little baby has been 7 months old for a week or so.
We still love and adore every bit of her, she is a great baby.
Her hair is growing and getting thicker, but the back stands up all the time and is especially noticeable with light shining on her, as in this picture.

She loves playing with toys, or anything else she can get her hands on, and HAS to be eating/gnawing/tasting on things at all times.......yet still no teeth in that little mouth.

This past week she started wearing 6-9 month clothes and wearing size 3 diapers.

She loves to watch her sisters and play beside them.
She still shares laughs only very sparingly, if you get a laugh out of her you are lucky!
She seems to be getting more leery of strangers and having some attachments to Mom.

She takes an hour nap in the morning and several hours in the afternoon and goes to bed at 7pm.
This past week she hasn't been waking up in the night until 4:30ish when she is ready to eat, we were playing the put-the-paci-back-in game several times in the night.

She has started eating the Gerber puffs and seems to like food only if it is in the net thing.  She does not like anything fed to her on a spoon.  She does also drink water from a sippy with meals, which she has been doing for a month.

No crawling yet, but she does move herself on the floor using mostly her toes to push herself along.

We still have people tell us, almost daily, how much she looks like Ashlee.  Looking back at pictures I can see it, however I think she looks more like Ashlee did at about a year old.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Fall Break at the Cabin

Last Friday was fall break at the college and the public schools had the day off as well.  We were shocked and excited that the breaks were actually at the same time (for once) so we decided to head to the cabin in Colorado for the weekend.
The girls loved playing the with train that was there.
 We went on walks because the weather was pretty nice.  A little windy, but otherwise nice fall weather.
A timed family shot, and Ashlee wasn't looking.  Big surprise there!
There was a REALLY big and bad fire in Colorado last summer.  We are standing on the road by the cabin and were surprised at just how close the fires really got.

 Lots of coloring with markers, which the girls love.  The markers at home are not an everyday occurrence.

Our first attempt to make s'mores was not working.  So Chris found something to cook the mallows on and they were delicious.

Saturday we played a bit at the cabin while Molly napped and then drove down to Ft. Collins.
 We were looking for a pumpkin patch and happened upon a fantastic pumpkin patch and fair.  All of the activities were free and then they hoped people would buy pumpkins before they left.
The girls got their faces painted.
 And jumped.
 And rode the saddle teeter-totter.
 Took a hayride.
 Made a craft.
 Made their way through a hay bale maze.
 And got their picture taken while we paid for our pumpkins.  It was fun for them and a perfect find.

Back at the cabin we went on some more walks.  We discovered that Molly prefers to ride in the front of the Ergo, which is fine because she is still small.
 We just watched The Incredible and Ashlee was pretending to be Elasta Girl.  In her mind she was stretched out and we couldn't see her.
These girls are getting so big.  There are much bigger rocks by the cabin that I'm sure they will be climbing in no time.
Sunday we packed up and headed to Laramie for church.  We had lunch with some good friends there and had fun chatting and catching up.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Pumpkin Patch Field trip

Yesterday Ashlee took a field trip for preschool to the Pumpkin Patch.
She has had croup since Tuesday night so she didn't go to school but I took her to the pumpkin patch and told her she wouldn't be able to sit by any of her class so she wouldn't share germs.
They learned about pumpkins- this one looks like a ghost.
We learned that white pumpkins are brilliant orange inside and make great pies, and green pumpkins are blue inside!

She got her own little pumpkin to take home, and the lady gave Molly a little pumpkin to.

She followed my instructions to her and didn't sit by the other kids in the class.

I got this CUTE hat last year for my birthday from Annie, but didn't wear it because my 7 month pregnant face looked to round for it.  Now I wear it and love it!
Ashlee wanted to try it on after we got home.

Thursday, October 18, 2012


It was our turn for playgroup on Tuesday.  I can't say I ever look forward to having it at my house, but it really is no sweat with this group of sweet little kids.  
I made a little Halloween treat for them to have as a snack.

They played nicely together for the full 2 hours!  We had a few tiny little mishaps but nothing major.
 Somehow we went from Ashlee being the only girl with 5 boys last year, to 5 girls and 2 boys this year.