Thursday, May 31, 2012

Kindergarten Program

The Westridge Kindergarten program was yesterday afternoon.  Caitlin was sooooo excited for it.  She wanted her hair curled and everything.
All 4 classes have been practicing for a few weeks, and they did great!  They all looked so nice dressed up for the program.
I love this picture of Caitlin's class.  This was before the program started and they were all being so goofy and Caitlin was looking at me to take a picture.  I captured the class (or rather Jenn captured them) as their normal, fun, crazy selves.  I loved going and helping in the class every Monday all year.
 Our beautiful Kindergartner nearly done with Kindergarten! We can hardly believe it.
They sang many songs and I recorded a few of them.
The whole program was a big secret, but we have kazoos at home so one day Caitlin may have let it slip that they were performing a kazoo song.  We were still surprised!

They sang fun songs to their moms and dads.

And finished with the classic "First Grade, First Grade"
My mom taught Kindergarten for years and they did this song for the end of the year program the year she retired.

They all did a fabulous job.  Caitlin told me afterwards that she sang quietly because she was shy, I guess she gets that from me NOT from Chris.  After the program we went to the classroom for Mrs. Johnson to pass out awards.  Caitlin got an attendance award for missing less than 5 days of school (she only missed 1day and 1 hour).  And she got the fun dip award for always coming to school ready to learn and with a fun loving attitude.
We are so proud of you Caitlin!

2 month check

Molly had her 2 month check on Tuesday.  She is growing great and developing on track.  
Her stats:  Weight- 11lbs14oz, Head- 16in, Length- 24.5in.
She didn't like her immunization shots, but who would?  They made her tired and grouchy the rest of the day.
She is still a delightful baby.  She sleeps like a pro at night, going down about 7:15ish and waking up somewhere between 1-4am to eat and going back to sleep until between 7-8am.
She is unpredictable with her naps during the day.  If she wakes up crying after a short period (less than an hour) then we put her paci back in her mouth and she usually sleeps a bit longer.  That is the annoying thing about the paci!
She likes to look around and be close to other people so she can see them.  She doesn't like to be left alone.
She can smile, but its so hard to catch it.  Here is a picture of the tail end of a smile.
She is the cutest little thing, and we love everything about her.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Caitlin has lost her two front teeth!  One about 2-3 weeks ago and one last Friday.  
We kid with her that we can't understand what she is saying and we are nice enough to cut the corn off of the cob so she can actually eat it.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

G&G Bishop

The Bishop Grandparents (aka Grandpa Bruce-ster and Grandma Berta) came Mother's Day weekend for Molly's baby blessing.  It was a quick trip, but we really enjoyed their visit.
We got a group shot after church.
 Grandpa with all the girls- and Ashlee not looking at the camera as usual :)
 A quick picture just before they had to leave.
We are excited to be seeing all our Will family and all our Bishop family next month in California!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Our girls as babies

Some pictures to see how all our girls looked as wee babes.

1 Month Old

2 Months Old
Caitlin has definitely been our most petite baby and the baby with the most hair!  But everyone kind of has a little bit of their own look, I think.

And one more of Molly because I love her looking at me in this pic.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Mother's Day Blessing

We blessed Molly on Mother's Day (May 13th) because that was when Grandma and Grandpa Bishop could come for it.  It seems like the perfect day to bless a baby.
The dress Katie made her fit perfect and she looked beautiful.  
We got a present from some friends that live in Jerusalem on Saturday.  It was a white blanket from Bethlehem!  Perfect for the blessing the next day!

She had a little bit of a blow out during Sacrament meeting, after the blessing.  It only affected the slip, but we changed her into other clothes so we just wrapped her up in her blanket to take a family picture.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Grandma and the babies

We thought this was so funny.
 Gigi, Molly and Gretta.
Caitlin and Ashlee's babies laugh and cry and talk, and they have cloth diapers to change them.  They don't play with them as much as I thought they would after Molly was born, but they do like the get out their babies to mother them from time to time.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

More Pampering

A few weeks ago Chris had a Pampered Chef catalog party at work.  His original goal was to beat my party, which he didn't do, but he still had a very successful party.
He sorted all the items when they came with a little help from Caitlin and Ashlee.  Once they got bored of helping then I stepped in to help.
 He had a lot of bags to deliver the next day at work.
And we got a nice little stack of things for ourselves.  Chris' favorite thing we got was a microwave chip maker.  It turns raw potatoes to chips in the microwave in minutes with no oil.  They are delicious.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Some days it's hard

A list of why some days are hard to be a mom

  • a 3 year old got car sick and threw up all over herself and the car again and you must clean it up the best you can, with baby wipes, and drive the rest of the way home (2 1/2 hours)
  • taking apart a car seat to wash it in the washing machine, something you are somewhat of an expert at
  • reminding yourself you are so lucky to be able to clean throw-up out of the car and car seats over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again.
fast forward a couple of days
  • a sad 5 year old had an accident at night for the second time in 4 days and you must strip the bed and wash it all again because it never just gets on the big pad that is laying on the top
  • a baby wakes up to eat 15min after you were already awakened for the aforementioned  incident and doesn't go back to sleep for an hour and a half.
  • the same baby wakes up less then an hour later and you have to sooth her in and out of sleep for the next hour before feeding her again.
  • by 5am you realize you have gotten nearly no sleep since 12:30am
  • in the morning a 3 year old complains of her head hurting many times so you know she really has a headache
  • you are nearly ready to send the 3 year old to her Bears class when she throws up again, this time due to the headache and not car sickness.  And this time a bowl catches most of it, but you still have to clean the kitchen floor, change her clothes, and wash the kitchen rug.
But you look at their faces and you love them more and you know that it is all worth it and tomorrow will probably be better.

Monday, May 7, 2012


For our treat for FHE tonight we made ice cream in a can.  Then we rolled the can down to the end of the street and back so the ice cream could harden.
We had to do a bit of reverse psychology to get Ashlee to stop throwing a fit and actually participate with us.
 It was a great time taking turns rolling (kicking) it down the sidewalk,
 and in the end we had yummy banana ice cream to eat!

Friday, May 4, 2012


Caitlin and Ashlee are great helpers when it comes to Molly.  Caitlin is always willing to hold her, which is very helpful when she is crying and I need to get somethings done quick.  Ashlee is great at playing with her and singing to her, or just laying beside her.

We give Molly a bottle every few days so that she doesn't forget how to take one.  This particular day Caitlin got to feed her the bottle and she loved every second of it.
 Ashlee helped a bit as well.

Ashlee likes to help change her diaper (as does Caitlin).  It is a waste of wipes for them to help, but worth it because it makes them so happy and feel so important.