Saturday, October 26, 2013

Halloween- take 1

Last night we had our ward Halloween party, so the girls dawned their costumes.
I told them that I would make their costumes this year, so I did.
At the first of the month they picked what they wanted and I got fabric and sewed and sewed and sewed and sewed, plus I did a little painting and glittering. I finished them last week, and I am happy with how they turned out! And, I had fun making them, although I don't want to make them every year.
Oh, and I didn't make Molly's. She had to wear the cute skunk that the other girls wore when they were 1.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Monday, October 21, 2013

Pumpkin Carving

We have gotten together with some friends to carve our pumpkins for the past 3 or 4 years, and we did it again last night.
This year you had to come with your pumpkins already gutted (great idea Jenn!) And we ended the night with a whole lot of good looking pumpkins!!!!
Ours is the one in the middle with the big nose.
(Thanks Brook and Jenn, it is a fun yearly tradition!)

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Utah Trip

Friday was fall break, so we went to Utah for Friday and Saturday.
Friday we drove up to Logan to visit my Grandma.
I realized I didn't take any pictures of her (darn it), but she gave the girls these parasols and they thought they were the best thing ever!!

We walked down to the river behind her house.
And, did I mention, Annie was in Logan also!!!! The girls are certain that everything is better when Annie is there, and I would agree! They were throwing rocks, leafs and things into the river- no shoes this time. (when Ashlee was 2 years old she and Caitlin went down to the river with my mom. Ashlee was wearing some new shoes my mom had JUST given her. At the river my mom said, "Why don't we take our shoes off and put our feet in the river?" So Ashlee took her shoe off and threw it right in the river. And that was the end of those shoes. We like to remember the story every time we go down to the river.) Molly is standing there to, right in front of Annie.

Friday night Annie stayed in Logan and we went to a hotel in Salt Lake. Late that night we picked my Mom and Dad up from the airport. Saturday morning everyone went to the temple except my Mom, the girls and I. We went to a farmer's market and then to the church history museum.
The coolest thing at the farmers market was this real owl this guy was holding. Owls are just so cool.
At the museum the girls played and did a treasure hunt my mom made for them.

Saturday night we met up with my brother and his family for their little Lily's baby blessing. That is really why we all went to Utah in the first place!
David, Julie, Bailey, Maddie and Lilly live in Texas and we rarely get to see them. They came to Utah for Julie's sister's wedding and decided to bless Lilly while they were there. We were so excited to be able to go!
It also happened to be Maddie's 3 year old birthday! So we all got to share in her delicious birthday cake!!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

19 months

I missed Molly's 18 month update, so we will just call it a 19 month update.
We went for her wellness check earlier this week and here's where she stands:
Head- 90th percentile 
Weight- 30th percentile (about 23lbs)
Length- 60th percentile (I don't remember the number)

She is growing and learning all the time. She is smart and can follow commands, but doesn't talk very well yet.
She knows where the crayons, pencils, coloring books, paper and notebooks are and she LOVES to get them out and color or draw. And, she only draws on paper- never on anything that she shouldn't. And, she holds the crayons/pencils with her left hand. It's a little early to determine if she will actually be a lefty or not though.

She put Caitlin's jacket on one day, it was pretty huge. She doesn't usually put on anyone else's clothes and she DOES NOT like dress-ups yet (she cries if I try to put any on her) but......
.......she loves shoes and will put on her own shoes, or anyone else's she can find. She loves it.

She can go little jobs like helping clean up, throw things away, open the garage door,getting out the hair stuff and she has recently started helping set the table. She feels so important when I hand her things to put on the table.

This day she was playing peek-a-boo in her high chair. She loves to say "peek-boo!!"

She pushes the strollers round and round the room with the babies in them. But that is really all the interaction she has with the babies at this point.

She has slept this way for as long as I can remember. On her stomach with her legs pulled up underneath her. She sleeps with a duck or a dog (duck friend or lucky dog). She use to only like the duck, but now she likes either.

She's telling me to say "eeeeeeees".

 When she is eating, she will use the spoon or fork for a minute and then just use her hands. And about 1/2 way through the meal she will tip her plate up, dumping all the rest of the food off, hand me the plate, and then eat the rest off of the tray.

She likes to read books more and more all of the time. We read books everyday before her nap and before she goes to bed, and we have been doing that for months. But, now she will let me read them to her other times as well. And she is getting to where she won't rip the pages when she turns them anymore.

She says:
eeeeeees (cheese)
peek-boo (peek-a-boo)
Da-ie (Daddy)
Ah-ee (ashlee)
we can't decide what she says for Caitlin still
Shoo (shoe)
tee or pee (please)
ma (mine or my)
pooh (poop)
an-oo (thank you)
ow (ow or ouch)
buh (book)
and she does animal sounds: a dog, sheep, coyote, cow, dinosaur or lion, and a fish face.
That's all I can think of right now.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013


I have been working on Caitlin and Ashlee's Halloween costumes, and I often have soooo much help.
They had so much fun poking all the pins into the chair and making different designs.

Most of the time I sew while Molly is napping because she really gets into EVERYTHING.
If I am not sitting in the chair then she sits there and turns the sewing machine light on and off.
I have to make sure that I unplug my serger when I'm not using it because she loves to push the peddle in her hands.

Monday, October 7, 2013

The Fall Play

Chris directed the play at the college this year.
It makes for a very busy start to the school year.
This year he directed The Important of Being Ernest.
It ran over the past 2 weekends.
I was able to go one of the nights the first weekend and I loved it!
It has some very British humor, that is very funny to me.
Great job Chris!!

Friday, October 4, 2013

1st Snow

We were forecasted to have snow, and snow we had.
The girls checked it out in the wee hours of the morning in our room. Molly has been waking up so early, and so everyone else wakes up to. This picture was taken about 6:30.

The snow was wet and heavy and there was alot of it.

We got our gear on to go and shovel.
Molly was so cute in her little snow pants so I added the picture despite goofy Ashlee.

And once again the picture was added despite Ashlee :)
Molly could only see if she tipped her head up, and if she fell down she couldn't get back up! She loved walking around eating the snow though. And Caitlin and Ashlee tried to help shovel, but found having a snow fight much more fun. 

Caitlin and Ashlee geared up again after lunch to play and build a snowman!
We usually love the fall here in Rock Springs, but it is kind of letting us down this year. This winter might be even longer then usual...

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Little Park

We have a little park playground by our house (it would need grass or benches to be considered a park I think) and Molly loves to play at it during the day.
Today we stopped by after my walk and a stop at the library.

I've decided that I need to try to snap more pictures in general, so I got one of the older girls before school today.
I love their little poses.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Playing Outside

We hurried to get our homework done this afternoon so we could play outside, it was soooo nice!
One favorite thing is jumping rope. 
Caitlin is a pro and Ashlee is getting better all the time- I think 2 jumps is her record.
We all took turns, even I took a turn in the rotation. I still love to jump rope too. We just need to get another rope so we can double dutch!
 (a friend from down the street played with us to)

The wagon was our other favorite today. Molly liked to push and have rides.